Reality check
Sensing the negatives
understanding them
avoid tripping over them
How far is your money going to
What resources do you really need?
Favours being asked
Is the goodwill there?
How much arm twisting...?
How far can this go?
Do not allow the problems to surface
and surprise you
Be honest with yourself
Know your enemeies
A lack of cash can be an enemy
Talk to other people
Understand what you don't know
Understand where you need expertise
Don't let it fall apart because
you can't do it
Most takeovers want to remove
the founder
He is not the best CEO
Entrepreneurs are rock and rollers
Knowing the reality
Protect against potential problems
Take precautions from risks
When it all goes wrong
Social Media Trolling
Be careful with privacy settings
Fake profiles
Trip Advisor example
you must face a negative review
head on
Be polite
Leave door open for communication
Acknowledge problem publically
Resolve it privately
Not implementing
Failing to take the necessary action
don't know what to do
don't know how to do it
Consider all of the objections
Worth time thinking about what
might arise
Preplan an answer
Before the solution arises
There is a positive way to think
Understand a potential problem
in advance
Remove some of the risks
predict potential outcome
work around them
Rainy Days
When somebody I know is in harm.
The rest doesn't really matter
There is a lot to be learned from
collecting rain
If you get served lemons make lemonade
Unsure about the future
There are opportunities in the
dance in the rain
Change sense of perspective
Look towards the horizon in the
Look down towards your feet in
the rain
The positive power of negative