The Devil's Wife

The Devil's Wife
1. Dirt
- Origins of her relationship with Brady
-The Devil was one of the men
at work.
- Didn't flirt.
- Behaved aloof - rude, unpleasant.
- Hindley is attracted to bad
- I'd stare him out, chewing
my gum, insolent, dumb
- I'd lie on my bed at home, on
fire for him.
- Crude, animalistic.
- Double meaning of entered
- Sexual
- Control of her heart
- I swooned in my soul.
- She was won over
completely, spiritually
- I went mad for the sex
- Colloquial language
- The murders themselves
- We drove to the woods and
he made me bury a doll.
- It was either the woods or
looking at playgrounds,
- Her appearance
- Classic image that was
circulated in the papers
2. Medusa
- The claustrophobic relationship
- She changed her appearance
for Brady
- Nobody liked my hair. Nobody
liked how I spoke.
- Blames Brday
- Claims he manipulated her
affection for him
- The trial and judgement
- Her sentence
- She became so bitter
because of the public hatred
of her
- I heard the judge summing
up. I didn’t care.
- Lost any desire to live
- Convicted for life
- The public image of Hindley
- Unable to accept what she
has done
- I flew in my chains over the
wood where we’d buried the
- Her chains are her handcuffs - a
symbol of incarceration
- Repetition of things she knows
for sure
- I know... I know... I know...
- Contrast with But I cannot
remember how or when or precisely
- Is she being selective with her
memory to escape
- Still desires Brady
- I wrote to him every day in
our private code.
- Begins to fall out of love with him
3. Bible
- Hindley's denial continued,
after incarceration
- She always insisted Brady had
committed the acts and that she was
never present
- Brady quickly confessed his guilt
- I never not in a million
years it was him
- I said, No not me I didn’t I couldn’t I
wouldn’t. Can’t remember no idea no
not in the room
- Constant barrage of denial
suggests determination and
- A sonnet in form
- In prison she adopted the
Catolic faith
4. Night
- Brady's influence had
waned by this point
- Reference to biblical long
dark night
- the long, fifty-year night
- Hindley says she has spent
her whole life seeking
- words that crawl out of the wall
- Suffer. Monster. Burn in Hell
- Amen
- The closing of a prayer
5. Appeal
- Double meaning of appeal
- Reaching out to persuade
- Also legal appeal - attempt to
overturn the sentence
- In 200 Hindley tried to have
the sentence overturned as
- Hindley said she would rather
have hanged
- Hanging had been abolished
in the UK just months before
the Moors Murderers trial
- If life means life means
life means life
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