26-Week Internet Marketing Plan FRAMEWORK

26-Week Internet Marketing Plan FRAMEWORK
Phase #4: CONTENT
Week #21: E-Books & Viral PDFs
Planning your content
ahead of time
The 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint will
give you a step-by-step content production plan to
follow http://www.26weekplan.com/blueprint
Outsourcing / Ghost writing
Don’t feel you have to
do everything by yourself
When you publish content on some article reprint
sites it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t have the same
tone of voice as your website – the most important
thing is that it’s done
eBook structure
Once you design an e-book template you
can outsource the writing – an then have
enough content to use on article reprint sites
for a year
Online document sharing sites
Sites like Scribd are the
document sharing versions of
Viral PDF distribution
You need to make your content good enough for
people to want to share it with their friends, and
then seed different sites which will make this more
Call to action
Position your viral PDF as the start of
your marketing funnel – ensure people
take the next step after reading your
Viral PDF is a great Viral PDF creation tool http://www.26weekplan.com/viralpdf
Week #22: Content Hubs &
Feeder Sites
Link bait
Link bait is content that you publish on
site which is so good that it naturally
encourages lots and lots of links
There are certain styles of posts and post
content which are more likely to encourage
links – these are covered in the Blueprint
Online authority content sites
These are sites which search engines
love because they contain lots of
lengthy, unique content
Start by publishing good quality,
unique articles with links back to your
site on HubPages and Squidoo
Building your own niche
content feeder sites
These can try to target micro keyword
niches and increase your search engine
OptimizePress is a fantastic WordPress
theme for feeder sites
Hosting & site structure
When you establish your niche feeder sites it’s
important to carefully select your hosts – if you host
everything on the same server and link between sites
you might get into trouble with search engines
Where & how to produce
feeder site content
Although important, feeder sites shouldn’t take
up too much of your time – make sure you have
an outsourced content writing and posting
Squeeze strategy
Apart from SEO, your main purpose of your feeder
sites is to drive people into the initial stages of your
internet marketing funnel. Make sure you have a
good call-to-action
Remember to include Popup Domination to
maximize your opt-in rates
Week #23: Article Marketing
Article reprint sites
o In exchange for content, article reprint
sites are willing to let you include an
author bio with links back to your site
Article submission software
o There are hundreds of decent article
directories, and it would take you ages
to submit to each site manually
o Article submission software will automate this
process but if you’re going to be using automated
submission software, make sure you use the right
We recommend Submit Your Article http://www.26weekplan.com/submityourarticle
o The 26-Week Internet Marketing Blueprint shows
you how to submit your articles using the best
automated submission software
Content production strategies
As covered in week #21, it’s important
to plan your content ahead of time
Once you get use to it, it’ll become
second nature – and extremely
Outsourced content writing
There are thousands of
experienced, great value content
writers out there
It’s just a matter of finding them of
sites like Elance and Odesk and setting
them a small initial test project
To spin or not to spin?
Spinning articles is a method of
producing lots of different articles from
the one seed article
As long as if some caution is used and humans are
involved in the production of the spun alternatives
then this can be a valuable method of producing
unique content for low-to-medium value article reprint
Author bio link strategy
At the end of each article, most article directories
will give the option of including a little bit of
information about yourself – and a link back to your
Another great reason to use submission software is
some submission software allows you to rotate your
author bios, meaning that you can include different
keyword rich links on different articles
Week #24: Audio & Video
Podcast production & editing
Download the free podcasting and
podcast editing tools mentioned in week
#24 of the 26-Week Internet Marketing
Plan Blueprint
Take time to learn how to use the
software, there’s a small learning curve,
but it’s worthwhile getting to know
In-house or outsourced recording
Ideally you want to use your own voice
on your own podcast to give it a personal
However, if you don’t have the ability or
desire you can find recording talent at
sites like Voices.com
Software selection
If you’re going to be publishing podcast episodes on
a regular basis, you need to ensure that you have a
software publishing system which is as efficient and
automated as possible
WordPress plugins and specialist podcast
hosting services will make the publishing of
your podcast episodes as efficient as possible
Content strategy options
Just like different styles of blog
posts, there are different styles of
Try asking your existing customers
what type of content would be most
Content tone
Should your tone be
serious, provocatory or
Decide on your communications style
and stick to it – your subscribers expect
your to be consistent
Associated written content
Although Google is getting at better at
determining audio and video content,
this technology is still very much in its
When you post a transcription of the audio content
with your podcast episode, search engines will be
much more likely to rank your posts for appropriate
keywords phrases
Some visitors prefer written content –
by providing a written transcription you’ll
also be appealing towards these people
Distribution options
You should try to ensure that your podcast
episodes and your feeder video and audio
content gets distributed to as many places as
You’ll find a full audio & video content
distribution strategy in the 26-Week Internet
Marketing Plan Blueprint
Traffic Geyser is a great video distribution
service http://www.26weekplan.com/trafficgeyser
Week #25: Blog & Web 2.0
Site Distribution
Producing blog & web 2.0
site content
You also have an opportunity to
produce content and distribute it to
major web 2.0 sites and blog networks
When you do this it’s important not to
use the same content that you publish
on your own site
You also need to be knowledgeable
when it comes to selecting the right links
to use when publishing this content
Eliminating duplicate content
The more unique your content is, the
more likely it is to get published – and
remain published
Seed articles
The posts which your submit to web
2.0 sites can evolve from the one seed
However, you need to make sure that
sufficiently different versions of your
seed article are submitted to each site
Spinning the wrong way
Lots of internet marketers automate
their spinning insertions, devaluing the
value of their brand
Spinning the right way
You need to retain full
control of your spun content
To do this it is essential that there is
full human control over your spun
content wording
Blog distribution networks
There are certain distribution
networks which offer the best
Week #25 of the 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan
Blueprint shows you what distribution networks to use and
how to use them http://www.26weekplan.com/blueprint
Submission strategy
It’s important to be consistent, but
also not to try to do too much, too
If search engines see your back-links
grow too quickly they might ‘sandbox’
your rankings
Again refer to the
blueprint for best
submission practice
Week #26: Bookmarking &
Social Sharing
Why people bookmark &
why it matters to you
People bookmark and share web
pages when they find them interesting
or useful
Search engines & bookmarks
Search engines crawl these ‘shares’ and
bookmarks, and the results of this crawl
forms part of the web pages’ overall ranking
Encouraging bookmarking &
social sharing
There are a few ways that you can
encourage your site visitors to bookmark
and share pages on your site
Firstly, focus on the quality
and usefulness of your 'link
Next, make it as easy as possible
for your site visitors to share your
Most effective bookmarking
& social sharing sites
By integrating ‘Tweet This’ and Facebook ‘Like’
buttons on each of your pages, you’ll be encouraging
visitors to share your site on 2 of the most possible
online web page sharing platforms
Bookmarking plugins
You don’t have to manually insert bookmark sharing
buttons onto your site if you use WordPress – try
using a Plugin like the interestingly called Sexy
Bookmarks to automate the insertion of your
bookmarking buttons
StumbeUpon Ads
StumbleUpon is another
extremely popular web page
sharing site
However, StumbleUpon also offer an advertising
opportunity which includes your site virality – this is
definitely worth checking out if you have a decent link
bait page with a call-to-action
Bookmarking & social
sharing seeding
There are many bookmarking and social
sharing seeding services which offer to
quickly build backlinks and drive social
sharing traffic
However, it’s important to ensure that
your website is shared in the right places
– and in the correct neighborhoods
The 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint will help you
with this – and with the specifics of how to implement every
other aspect of the 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan
Week #14: Major Directories
Trusted links
Google trusts links from
popular, old domains
Google actually recommends
you get links in certain
Traffic & SEO
Directory links should be built with
both search engines and visitors in
Analysing directory value
Make sure you determine the potential
value of getting listed in a directory
before you try to get your site listed
Outsources directory
submission services
If you’re going to get someone else to
do your directory submissions for you
make sure they know what they’re
doing! The Directory Maximizer
submission service is a good deal
Week #15: Niche
Directories & Review Sites
Finding niche industry directories
The 26-week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint will show
you where to find niche industry directories
Reviewing niche directory
Don’t submit your website
to low value, irrelevant
Submission strategy
Be consistent with your
Don’t submit to all
directories at the same
Niche review site relationships
Build personal relationships
with review site owners
Offer unique review
content for each site
Affiliate offer
Having an affiliate offer will make it
much more likely for comparison sites
and review sites to feature you
Check out the week #15 Niche Directories & Review Sites resources at http://www.26weekplan.com/resources#week15
Week #16: Location
Specific Marketing
Regional directories
Research & determine
value & relevance
Google Places & Google Maps
Free marketing on Google Maps,
especially relevant for mobile web
Yahoo Local
Not as common as Google
Maps, but definitely still
Submission strategy
Again be consistent with your
submissions and don’t submit to all
directories at the same time
Local social networking
Very much at the early adoptor stage at
the moment but depending on your
business may be very important to know
Mobile marketing
All down to relevant – if you can market to your
niche market at a time when they may consider your
products and services this could be extremely
Check out the week #16 Location Specific Marketing resources at http://www.26weekplan.com/resources#week16
Week #17: Competitor Backlinks
Competitor research
Determine which competitors you
need to keep an eye on over
Competitor back link analysis
Establish the keyword
phrases your competitors are
ranking for
Benchmark your website performance
against your competitors’ website
Try the SEOmoz service for free http://www.26weekplan.com/seomoz
Research tools
Which software to use and how to use it – this is
fully covered in the 26-Week Internet Marketing
Plan Blueprint http://www.26weekplan.com/blueprint
Research strategy
Ensure that you’re
tracking the right keyword
Back link value ranking
Determine the relevant keyword
phrases that attract the most traffic and
convert the best
Weigh this up against
ease of ranking
Contacting prospective
link partners
How to give yourself the
greatest chance to get the links
you want
Link incentives
You don’t have to offer a link in
exchange for a link – try offering
different incentives
Week #18: Beg, Barter or Buy
Thinking out of the box
Maybe you can persuade other
websites to link to you by giving them
review copies of products?
Ensuring link relevance
Don’t spend your time or money
obtaining links from unrelated
Ensure that your link is in context, and
contains an appropriate keyword rick
Offline / online exchanges
One way links are the most effective –
consider links for money, products or
Membership club
Links from business networks like the Chamber of
Commerce can be extremely valuable – you can
sometimes get a free link if you’re willing to offer
fellow members a special discount
Under-the-radar link buying
Google frown upon link buying as it
affects their organic search engine
However, link buying can have a
significant impact on your
If you’re going to buy links, make sure
you incorporate other forms of link
building as part of your internet marketing
Text Link Ads is one of the biggest resellers
of text links http://www.26weekplan.com/textlinkads
If you buy a product or service, send a testimonial – and
send it to the marketing department with your website
address. There’s a decent chance that this testimonial will
be published on their website – with a live link back to your
Business sector searches
A lot of websites include link pages –
try searching for link pages relevant to
your business sector
Week #19: Blog & Forum
Build your industry reputation
Use blog & forum posts to enhance
your reputation as a trusted,
knowledgeable industry leader
Drive relevant visitors to
your site
When you comment in high-traffic blogs and
forums and provide interesting, informative
comments, you’ll drive traffic to your site from your
website link
Improve your SEO
Many forums allow you to include a
keyword rich keyword link. Take
advantage of this opportunity when it
Where to find related blogs
& forums
The 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint shows
you how and where to find the best blogs & forums
Ranking blog & forum value
Ensure you that when you’re spending your time
adding comments, you’re not wasting your site – you
need to know how to determine the approximate
amount of visitors that a blog or forum is likely to get
Keeping up to date
with latest posts
Make sure you don’t miss out on
relevant blog posts from blogs on which
you want to be a regular contributor
Ensuring appropriate
communication style
If you’re not using your natural style,
create a persona and stick to that
persona when writing
Check out the week #19 Blog & Forum Comments resources at http://www.26weekplan.com/resources#week19
Week #20: Guest Posts
Become an industry authority
Having guest posts published on
leading blogs in your industry have the
power to suddenly rocket your standing
Drive high converting visitors
When you drive visitors to your site
who already trust you, you’ll find that
your conversion rates increase
SEO link benefits
Many blogs which publish guest posts
also allow authors to include keyword
rich link to their site
High value, unique content
Blogs which accept guest posts will generally only publish your
content if it’s high quality and completely unique. Because of this,
and because the blogs on which the guest posts appear are
already well thought of by search engines, your guest posts will
tend to rank highly in search engine results
Peer to peer relationship building
Having guest posts published will also raise
your profile with other industry blog publishers
who read the blogs on which your guest post in
Check out the Guest Posting eBook by by
Chris Garrett http://www.26weekplan.com/guestposting
Phase #2: GET SOCIAL &
Week #7: Blogging
A blog as a content
management system
Don’t believe that a blog
can only produce blog
A blog can manage your
site pages as well
Blog Tech Guy can help you get things set up
Selecting a blog host
Easy to install and
manage your blog
Reliable, fast and can
handle all of your needs
Host Gator is the one we recommend http://www.26weekplan.com/hostgator
Blog design & structure
Select a great theme
We recommend using the Thesis theme http://www.26weekplan.com/thesis
Think of both users and
search engines
if you want to get your own bespoke theme
designed, consider using 99 Designs
3rd party software add-ons
Can you accomplish your desired
strategy with existing software
Automated blog marketing
Blog directory submissions
Tagging and pinging
Content writing strategy
Posting frequency and tone
Post content options
Outsourced or in-house?
find content writers through oDesk if you
don't want to write everything yourself
Publishing strategy
Reactive to content on
other blogs
Original authority
Search engine or reader
or combined focus
Week #8: RSS
How RSS works
Automated content
delivery to where your
readers want it
Subscription options
Benefits of RSS
Subscriber in control
Automation of content
deliver to where your
readers want it
No content delivery costs
Offering multiple RSS feeds
Subscribers just receive
relevant content
Obtaining RSS subscriber stats
Use a service like Feedburner
to be aware of subscriber
Marketing your feeds
Build links to your feeds
Bookmark your feeds
RSS feed directories
Submit your RSS feeds
RSS feed directories
update with your latest
Check out the week #8 RSS resources at http://www.26weekplan.com/resources#week8
Week #9: Twitter, LinkedIn &
Facebook page strategy
Research what your
competitors are doing
Think of why people would
want to ‘Like’ your page
Social media brand voice
Corporate / Informal –
whatever your tone, be
Personal tweeting style
Corporate speak on Twitter
doesn’t tend to work
Hijacking topics in the media
Much more likely to attract
Encouraging social spreading
Make your content so good that
people what to share it with their
Make your content easy
for people to share
Social proof – show that other
people are already sharing your
Online networking
Replicate traditional
face-to-face networking
LinkedIn can be
particularly good for this
Social media management
Manage your social media
interaction efficiently
Hootsuite is a great tool for managing multiple
social media accounts
Use multiple network
access tools
Week #10: Social Media Syndication
Blog directory submission
Automate your blog post
RSS Feed directory submission
Automate your content
publishing on other sites
Build more links back to
your site
Social media profile interlocking
Help search engines and users to
discover all of your online profiles and
link them together
Twitter directories
Help people to find your
Twitter profile
Find other people you
might want to network with
People directories
Create positive, accurate profiles about
you that people will see when they search
for your name in Google
Check out the week #10 Social Media Syndication resources at
Week #11: Reputation
Interact where your
potential customers are
Pick up relevant
conversations as soon as they
are started
Build a trusted user ID on
Control the first page of
search engine results
Don’t let negative or untrue web
pages appear in the first page of
search engines for searches of
your brand
Brand mention
management tools
Improve your social
media management
Decrease the likelihood of
missing out on brand
What to automate what
not to automate
Be aware of the thin line when
automated posting becomes
Brand email alterts
Use Google Alerts and other social
media alert tools to get brand mentions
emailed to you as soon as they appear
in blogs and forums
Reputation management
Be strategic and reactive to more
effectively managing your online
Check out the week #11 Reputation Management resources at http://www.26weekplan.com/resources#week11
Week #12: Press Releases
Press release format
Not self-promotion –
informative and relevant
Your angle / reaction to
other topical news stories
Augment current stories
in the press
Short and punchy
Don’t include superfluous
Consider using the E Releases writing
services http://www.26weekplan.com/ereleases-writing
Formatting your call to action
Include a reason for people to
visit your website for more
Include an http version of
your domain
Where & how to submit
How to structure your release
What day and time to
submit your release on
Outsources writing &
submission services
Whether or not you should
be writing your own press
Release through E Releases http://www.26weekplan.com/ereleases-distribution
Release through PR Web http://www.26weekplan.com/prweb
Publication tracking
Where your release is
being published
How to measure the success of
different press release distribution
Week #13: Pay Per Click
Drive instant, relevant traffic
Start with long-tail buyers
keyword phrases to relevant
Immediate impact
No lengthy time period before
appearing on the first page of Google
search results
Google AdWords
The biggest source of
PPC traffic
Subscribe to the free course “5 Days to success with Google AdWords”
Competitor PPC research
Steal target keywords and
ad-copy ideas from your
Spyfu helps you spy on your competitor's
ads http://www.26weekplan.com/spyfu
PPC split testing
Always try to improve
your ad conversion rates
You might be able to afford to
pay a little more for a lot more
Landing page relevance
Significantly improve your
‘stickability’ and conversion
Quality score
Reduces your PPC ad cost
by increasing your quality
Niche targeting
Start by targeting very
specific products and
The easiest way to lose money on PPC
is to drive traffic from broad industry
terms to your home page
Phase #1: WEBSITE
Week #1: Market Research &
Business Strategy
Competitor benchmarking
Review competitor’s websites
Analyze their products
and services
Measure their online popularity
Visit Compete to anayze your competitors
Brand protection
Domain squatting
Social network ID squatting
Business positioning
Differentiation compared
with competitors
Untapped opportunities /
niche markets
Business purpose
Ultimate goal for each
website visitor
Do you want to sell from the
website or capture prospective
customer data?
Target market
Design your site
according to your target
99Designs can come up with a great site
design http://www.26weekplan.com/99designs
Try to carry out some customer
research before finalizing your site
Brand identity
Can new visitors quickly
find what they want?
Business infrastructure
What software can you integrate with
your website to help to automate your
business model?
Use Wishlist Member to build a membership
site http://www.26weekplan.com/wishlistmember
Use S3Flowshield to protect your members-only content
Use iDev Direct as your affiliate software http://www.26weekplan.com/idevdirect
Use 20DollarBanners to design your affiliate
banners http://www.26weekplan.com/20dollarbanners
We recommend Host Gator as your host http://www.26weekplan.com/hostgator
Week #2: Keyword Research
Home page keywords
Long-term, competitive
keyword phrases
Idealistic, not essential
Category page keywords
Medium term objective
Helps search engines
determine site content
Long-tail keywords
Short term objective
High conversion rate keywords
Low competition keywords
Keywords your
competitors are missing
Just 3 visitors per day =
over 1000 visitors per
Competitor keyword analysis
Piggybacking on existing
Take advantage of
competitor brand searches
Semantic keywords
Related phrases that
don’t contain the same
Help search engines
determine the relevance of
Keyword ranking tracking
Ensure the consistency of
your rankings
Check the ranking of
your competitors
Keyword research software
Use Market Samurai to research the
competition, identify and track keywords
Week #3: Site Structure
Reliable hosting
Physical location
We recommend Host Gator http://www.26weekplan.com/hostgator
Effective content
management system
Easy to use and update
Integrates well with other
aspects of your website
Quality design
Industry leading
Appropriate coloring etc
Make sure you have a look at what 99Designs
can offer http://www.26weekplan.com/99designs
Optimized design architecture
For search engines
For users
We like using the Thesis WordPress theme http://www.26weekplan.com/thesis
Technical support
Can you update / improve
your website easily?
Blog Tech Guy provides reliable, value-for-money
On-site search engine
On-site search engine optimization is covered
in much greater depth in the 26-Week Internet
Marketing Plan Blueprint
SEO error diagnosis
Pages not being crawled
Pages not being indexed
Week #4: Data Capture &
Marketing Funnel
Grow your own opt-in list
Remove your reliance on
3rd party traffic referrers
Own your own list, unlike
with Facebook page ‘Likes’
Carefully select email
marketing software
Double opt-in?
Third party software integration
We use and recommend Aweber http://www.26weekplan.com/aweber
Offer a great reason to opt-in
Focus on maximizing
conversion rates
A free eBook with a professional eBook cover
from Killer Covers will help your opt-in rates
Split-test opt-in methods
Different opt-in incentives
Pop-up windows
Popup Domination is a great tool for improving
opt-in rates http://www.26weekplan.com/popupdomination
‘Squeeze’ pages
Build a relationship with your list
Be consistent with your
emailing frequency
Be consistent with your
tone and message
Survey your list with Survey Gizmo to
improve trust and get new product ideas
Integrate with existing
business systems
CRM systems
Sales sequences
Upsell and cross-sell to
maximise revenue
Recommend existing
products an services
Consider partnering with
3rd parties
Week #5: Conversion Rates
Don't prejudge what will
convert best
Brainstorm other options
and test them
Pick different headings,
colors and call to actions
43 Split Tests will give you lots of ideas http://www.26weekplan.com/43splittests
A/B split tests
Test one page or advert
against the other
Multivariable tests
Test elements from
within on page or advert
See where visitors spend most
of their time while on your site
Clicktale will help you to keep visitors
engaged in page content
Clickpaths and click tracking
See what links are most popular
See what paths visitors
take prior to making a
Week #6: Visitor Tracking
Where your visitors come from
Which sources referred most
Search engines
What your visitors do while
on your site
What pages they land on
Which links they navigate
What pages they exit on
What content your visitors view
How long they spend on
each page
Which pages they view
Which sources refer the best
converting visitors
Can you forge better links
with those top referring
Can you increase the
volume of traffic from those
Read the 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan
Blueprint to find out more about visitor
tracking: http://www.26weekplan.com/blueprint
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