What Smart Students Know

What Smart Students Know
Principle #12
School Is a Game, but It's a
Very Important Game.
Principle #8
Subjects Do Not Always Seem Interesting or Relevant,
but Being Actively Engaged in Learning Them is Better
than Being Passively Bored and Not Learning Them.
Principle #9
Few Things Are as Potentially Difficult,
Frustrating, or Frightening as Genuine
Learning, Yet Nothing Is So Empowering.
Principle #10
How Well You Do in School Reflects Your
Attitude and Your Method, Not Your Ability.
Principle #11
If You're Doing It for the Grades or for the
Approval of Others, You're Missing the Satisfaction
of the Process and Putting Your Self-Esteem at the
Mercy of Things Outside Your Control.
Principle #7
You're In School to Learn to Think for
Yourself, Not to Repeat What Your
Textbooks and Teachers Tell You.
Principle #6
The Point of a Question Is to Get You
to Think Not Simply to Answer It.
Principle #5
Making Mistakes (and Occasionally
Appearing Foolish) Is the Price You
Pay for Learning and Improving.
Principle #4
Grades Are Just Subjective Opinions.
Principle #3
Not Everything You Are Assigned
to Read or Asked to Do Is Equally
Principle #2
Merely Listening to Your Teachers
and Completing Their Assignments
is Never Enough.
Principle #1
Nobody Can Teach You as Well
as You Can Teach Yourself.
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