THE LEADER'S GREATEST RETURN - Attracting, Developing, and Multiplying Leaders

Attracting, Developing, and Multiplying Leaders
Step #1 - Identify
Step #2 – Attract
Step #3 – Understand
Step #4 – Motivate
Step #5 – Equip
Step #6 – Empower
Step #7 – Position
Step #8 – Mentor
Step #9 – Reproduce
Job #1 in developing great leaders is to find them so you can develop them. It takes a leader to grow another leader.
The best way to attract great leaders is to have open seats at the leadership table of your organization. Make it clear people can earn a seat at the table.
Before you can ever hope to lead people, you need to connect with them. Find common ground before you try and impart your wisdom. It won't work the other way around.
Every leader wants to know how to motivate their people. The best way to do that is to inspire and help people find their own motivations. Spark them and get out of their way.
You have to equip your emerging leaders with a road map for the journey to excellence. If you do that, compounding returns will then come into play.
One of the most powerful things you can do is empower others to lead out. If you release the leaders you develop to reach their potential, amazing things can result.
The only thing more powerful than an empowered leader is a group of empowered leaders working as a team. There's almost nothing they can't do.
Mentoring always helps you go further, faster, and more successfully than you could on your own. Mentor one leader and you can add value to dozens of others.
Step #10 – Compound
The only thing limiting the growth of your organization is your ability to produce more leaders. Get good at developing more effective leaders.
Everyone knows the 80/20 Rule. The longer you keep developing leaders, the greater your competitive advantage becomes. Never stop growing leaders.
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