Process Tools of Value

Process tools of value
processes for thinking and for enhancing collective intelligence
world cafe (7 principles)
set the context
create hospitable space
explore questions that matter
encourage everyone's contribution
connect diverse perspectives
Listen together for patterns and Insights
Share collective discoveries
10 faces of innovation
Way to think about assembling a team with multiple capacities, in this case oriented towards human scale design
the learning personas
the anthropologist
the experimenter
the cross-pollinator
the organizing personas
the hurdler
the collaborator
the director
The building personas
the experience architect
The set designer
The storyteller
The caregiver
design productive meetings and events
participation is key
think and listen
open space technology
open space technology brings people together in an un-conference space where they create a market-place to pitch ideas for workshops
future search
A deep, powerful process suited to organizations that can bring all the
players together (whole system in the room) for 3 days of exploring futures
histories, collective generation of timelines,
priority and project identification
and resource allocation.
6 thinking hats
thinking about thinking
dragon dreaming
Dragon Dreaming assists groups to bring
individual visions into the group realm where collective intelligence is
invoked and greatly assists with generating balance and focussing energy
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