The Design of App

Eat Club app
Device used
One Plus 5
Android version 9
OnePlus A500
Oxygen0s version 9.0.8
Usability and Ease of use
Map window
The product is easy to find based on location
I went into the filter page
it is not clear to me that my settings will be saved
After I made my preferences on the filter page, I hit close to see if it will work.
It did
I go to click on a restaurant I want to view
I get a selection of dine and or take away?
I put in my info
I received my coupon
i'm still confused on how to use this? Do I present this at the restaurant?
Shouldn't there be a code to present the restaurant if I make the order?
If only wanted simply order a meal, I would be put off by the extra steps
Sign up page bars and font is hard
Sign in page font is also difficult to see under low light.
App is accessed via android
sign up is email, facebook, twitter
Why can't we sign in with Google?
signing back in fairly easy after signing out
Try to verify my phone number
I timed it via a timer and after a minute received nothing
I still haven't received a verification code after 5 mins
Map page
Took 40 seconds to load
If I type in my food that I'm looking for via the search bar
Instant results are if typed them in correctly
I set up my filters and I choose dine in only
I still get asked if I want dine in or take away?
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