SWOT Analysis of Project Design

SWOT Analysis: explore strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats as regards project design and doing skills.
new to permaculture and project design
I live in a van: not a lot of space/lack access to a quick meeting space
lacking extensive knowledge of plants/botany
limited cob building experience
limited experience period. ~cob, soil building, rain water catching, designing a site, gathering people together to work-party..
Creative, motivated, and passionate
Strength 1a
Strength 1b
connections to many intelligent and talented humans
physically strong for my size
background of sociology, yoga, and nutrition
flexible and willing to learn always
I live in a van: able to move easily!
PDC with Penny Livingston (currently involved) and projects here
Cob building workshops by Muddbums ?
van permaculture design project
van rainwater catchment system
Bishop community garden
difficult to get permits for comm. garden use in bishop? BLM restrictions
new to the bishop community
interesting weather patterns in the eastern sierras
"It is about leveraging your strengths, outsourcing and partnering where you are weak, focusing on opportunities, and being aware of threats," -Niki Pfeiffer
- See more at: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/4245-swot-analysis.html#sthash.IW2IN5af.dpuf
"SWOT's primary objective is to help organizations..." (or people) "develop a full awareness of all the factors, positive and negative, that may affect strategic planning and decision-making" -businessnewsdaily
great website
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