History of Japan

History of JapanMuromachi Period(1333 AD – 1573 AD)Azuchi-Momoyama Period(1573 AD – 1603 AD)Edo Period (1603 AD – 1868 AD)Kamakura Period(1185 AD – 1333 AD)Meiji Period(1862 AD – 1912 AD)Heian Period(794 AD – 1185 AD)Heisei Period(1989 AD – 2019)Nara Period (710 AD – 794 AD)Showa Period(1926 AD – 1989 AD)Asuka Period (538 AD – 710 AD)Kofun Period (300 AD – 538 AD)Yayoi Period (900 BC – 300 AD)Jomon Period (10,000 – 300 BC)An American scholar, Edward S. Morse, in 1877 named this period the Jomon Era that refers to the cord-marked. It was inspired by the decorated pottery that was found in two hundred and twenty-four sites in Honshu and Kyushu. The name of this period comes from the recent district in Tokyo where old pottery was found. It is also popular as the Iron age of Japan. In this period the advancement of growth of agricultural development was observed massively. A number of rulers of the clan built several mounds of burial for themselves. Due to this practice the historians of the modern age name this period as Kofun that means the ancient tomb in the Japanese language.