Marco Müller

General Information
Nat’s emotional development/change
backround and theme
Nats Mother died due to cancer
Nats Dad died infront of Nat
left parentless and moves to aunt
permanently ingrained in his memories
Dont discuss the topic, which is denying Nat to move forward and the abilty to grieve peacfully
Community plays as a distraction of his sadness, but Nat is distancing to the grieving process
Chapter 1
Nat gets asked about his parents and says that he doesn't have parents
panic, hasn't told anybody about his loss
which causes him Flashbacks, overload and the only way to get out is to escape
Chapter 4
Has a dream of flying and gets timeshifed to 1599
desperation, confusion, overload
meeting Shakespear in Person
Chapter 8
can't sleep and has a culture shock and thinks about everything
pessimism, despair, overthinking his hole existence, misery, anxiety and fears, sadness
Is he dead? Why does all of this happen to him
But doesn't want to cry because the last time he cried was when his father died -> denial
Still Chapter 8
Gets a Hug
Has never felt like this before
Emotional Overload
He needed a listener and talked with Shakespear about everything
warmth and sympathy
Shakespear is like a hunter searching the hiden emotions in Nat
relief, sadness, capitulation to his body -> let his emotions run free and opening
Now he could se the death of his father clearly
Disapointment, self-agressivness, guilt -> gives fault to him self
Optimism given from Shakespear
gets love, optimism and hope
He seems like the father he never had
Terriefied losing Shakespear in who he created a new father figure
pesimism, because after the play he has to return to St. Pauls school
worrying about the performance
Chapter 11
Asking Shakespear if he could stay at him
loneliness and despair
Chapter 14
feeling of love, hope, lack of loves repairs and slowly gets back
gets poem from Shakespear
Realizes that love doesn't vanish with death, love stays
before the play
exitement, nervous, blends everything out, the only thing that matters now is the play, his passion, focus, full concentration
meeting Queen Elizabeth
Chapter 15
fear and respect towards her, tense and afraid to say or do sth wrong
still thinks alot about what is happening tho
wants to stay with Shakespear and is afraid how everything is going on
a feeling of pleasure and happiness, while being in the tavern with everybody
Chapter 19
he would never lose the poem, will miss Shakespear, unhappiness, for a short moment a feeling of being loved and having a father, it was forever
Nat is now again in 1999
kind of relief, but also confused, thinks about the dream he had
10. After telling Rachel and Gil everything
was used to the Elizabethan time and now misses it and needed a place to think silently
he had a feeling of relief and understandment, now has sb to talk to
11. After talking with his aunt
he had a feeling of understandment , good for the progess, sadness
13. discussion with Arby
emotion overload
is shocked that Arby knows everything about him and is confused
is looking at all centuries and still deosn't understand everything, but knows that his father and Shakespear will always be there for him and love him
agressivness and rage
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