Language used by teacher in classroom ภาษาที่ครูใช้ในห้องเรียน

Classroom Language Teacher ภาษาที่ครูใช้ในห้องเรียนThe Beginning of theLesson เริ่มเรียนGREETINGS ทักทายHello,everyong.Good morning, everybody.Good afternoon, class.How are you getting on?What a lovely day!How are things with you?Are you feeling better today, David?What a rainy day!INTRODUCTIONS แนะนำตัวMy name is Mr/Mrs/Ms Smith. I'll be teaching you English this year. I'm your new English teacher.I've got five lessons with you each week.TIME TO BEGIN เริ่มเรียนLet's begin today's lesson.It's time to begin, please stop talking.Let's begin our lesson now. I'm waiting for you to be quiet.I think we can start now.Settle down now so we can start.Is everybody ready to start?We won't start until everyone is quiet.Now we can get down to work.Stop talking and be quiet.REGISTER เช็คชื่อWho isn't here today?What's the matter with Anna today?Who is absent today?What's wrong with Anna today?Why were you absent last Friday, Tom?LATE มาสายㆍWe started ten minutes ago. What have you been doing?ㆍDid you oversleep?/ Did you miss your bus?ㆍDon't let it happen again.ㆍWhere have you been?During The Lesson ระหว่างเรียนCOMMON INSTRUCTIONS คำแนะนำทั่วไปInstructions can be used at the beginning of a session คำแนะนำสามารถใช้ได้เมื่อเริ่มเซสชัน We'll learn how to ....Are you ready?Everybody ..Turn to page ...Comprehension language ภาษาที่ใช้เพื่อทำความเข้าใจDo you get it?Are you with me?Are you OK?Do you follow me?OK so far?Other common instructions คำแนะนำทั่วไปอื่น ๆCome in/ Go out.Stand by your desks.Stand up/ Sit down. Come to the front of the class.Put your hands down.CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT การจัดการห้องเรียนGiving instructions ให้คำแนะนำOpen your books at page 75.I want you all to join in.The whole class, please.All together now.Come out and write it on the board.Sequencing ลำดับขั้นตอน. First/ First of all, today, ..After that/ ThenNext/ Next one, please.For the last thing today, let's ...Whose turn is it to read?Supervision การควบคุมStop talking. Look this way.Listen to what ... is saying. Leave that alone now.Be careful.Questions คำถามAny questions?Who knows the answer?Louder, please!A full sentence, please.Responding to questions ตอบคำถามYes, that's right.Fine.Almost. Try again.What about this word?Encouragement การให้กำลังใจThat's interesting!That really is very kind of you.Don't worry about it.Have a go! Have another try!