Application Information Technology (IT)

Application Information Technology (IT)PublishingFinanceTravelGovermentManufacturingHealth CareEducationScienceEntertainmentDEFINE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYThe use of computer hardware and software to store, retrieve and manipulate information.Educators may use LMS such as Google Classroom for theirclass preparation, distribution and managementStudents can access course materials, grades andassessments through LMS such as Google Classroominvestors can trade shares online through theonline investing such as M2U Online Stockscustomer can use an online banking such to transfer fund into another accounttax payer in Malaysia can declare tax to LembagaHasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) through e-Filing systemE-Penyata Gaji dan Laporan is an online system that allowgovernment servants to view and print pay slip.Telemedicine Health care professionals in separate locations conduct live conferences on the networkMedline is a free web sitethat provide up-to-datemedical, fitness, nutrition orexercise information a tsunami warning systemis used to detect tsunami in advanceand issue warnings to prevent loss of lifeand damage to propertya cochlea implant allowsa deaf person to distinguish soundsthe Nutrition Blog Network allows all registereddietitians post articles about nutrition in the blogPodcasts such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts are a popular wayto distribute audio or video on the webMany websites offer an online reservation system where peoplecan search for and compare flights and prices or order airlineticketsWaze or Google Maps is a navigation system thathelps user to track routes for specific locationComputer-Aided Design(CAD) helps increase the productivity of thedesigner and improve the quality of designComputer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) can speeds up production and provide highaccuracy in large scale productionBusinessHandheld computers often send data wirelesslyto central office computers.Shopee or Lazada allows user to managerewards, use coupons, locate stores or enable mobile paymentsMany website services offer free-to-stream movies with the costof a monthly subscription fee such as NetflixWith Spotify or Joox, user can play millions of songs andpodcasts for free
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