Mind Map of All's Well That Ends Well

All's Well That Ends Well
Main Character
A Tender Trap
Helen is in love with Bertram, the young Count of Rossillion. Bertram, however, has no intention of marrying so far beneath him—so he devises two seemingly impossible tasks Helen must complete before he will accept her. Will the clever and resourceful Helen meet his challenges?
Forced Marriage
The king, cured by Helen, rewards her with Bertram's hand in marriage.
Impossible Tasks
Bertram will not accept Helen until she wears his ring and bears his child.
Tricks & Schemes
The resourceful Helen meets both of Bertram's impossible demands.
Young, immature, self-absorbed count; disdains Helen's love and tricks Diana
Bertram's companion; a terrible influence; lies, cheats, boasts, and flatters
Clever, good-natured orphan; admired by everyone—except her new husband, Bertram
King of France
Wise, beloved ruler; uses his power to help Helen find happiness