The Five Kingdoms

The Five Kingdoms
Plant Kingdom
Are multicellular.
Are eukaryotic.
Reproduce sexually. (with seeds)
Angiosperm: Produce seeds in fruits.
Gimnosperm: Produce seeds in cones.
Nonflowering plants: Include ferns and
Reproduce asexually using spores.
Produce their food.
Fungus Kingdom
Are mainly multicellular.
Are eukaryotic.
Absorb their food from the enviroment.
They reproduce from spores
Some can be eaten.
Fungi help with descomposition.
Animal Kingdom
Are multicellular.
Are eukaryotic.
Repoduce sexually.
Cannot produce their food.
Most animal can move and interact with the
Invertebrates: Do not have internal skeleton.
Vertebrates: Have internal skeleton.
Protist Kingdom
Are unicellular or multicellular.
Are eukaryotic
Are found in water or damp enviroments.
Some have chlorophyll and can produce their
Some have feelers or tails.
Algae and amoebae are protist.
Monera Kingdom
Are all unicellular.
Are prokaryotic.
Reproduce asexually.
Are in all enviroments.
Are the largest group.
Are use in fermentation and decomposition.
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