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All the features you need. And even more you wouldn't expect.

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Stunning presentation

Structure & Layout

Mind mapping for everything you need

Improve your productivity, develop more ideas and boost the effectiveness of your learning.

Stunning presentation
Stunning presentation


A Different Perspective

Outline view displays your mind map in a linear layout, updating instantly with every change. Create outlines from scratch or switch from a mind map view to an outline view with just one click.


Presentations Made Easy

Showcase your work and turn your maps into slide-by-slide presentations.

Projet Management
Stunning presentation

Brainstorming Mode

Effective Group Brainstorming

With the brainstorming mode, you can conduct group brainstorming sessions effectively. Simply entering ideas with different colors on the left pane, and later drag them to the right pane to generate a mind map.

Gantt Mode

View Your Mind Map as a Gantt Chart

You can turn any mind map into a Gantt chart with just a click. Switch between views easily. Changes made in one view will be automatically reflected in the other.

Projet Management
Stunning presentation

Group & Collaboration

Multiple team members can co-create synchronously.

Collaborate within a group or with external partners and your project plans will update automatically and real-time for everyone.


Beautiful out of the Box

Start with a theme that fits your thoughts from our gallery, and adjust it to create your own style.

Projet Management
Stunning presentation

Smart layout

Fully Automatic Layout

Concentrate on getting your thoughts out and let EdrawMind handle the rest. Smart Layout keeps your branches organized and easy to read.

A comprehensive features list for all your needs

All the features you need. And even more you wouldn't expect.

Smart Layout

Keep your branches organized and easy to read

Hyperlinks & Attachments

Drag and drop files directly in the map


See your mind map from a different angle


Capture every single detail

Stickers & Cliparts

Make your thoughts looks beautiful

Real-time Cooperation

Invite people via email. You decide who can edit the mind map or only view it.


Choose one of our predefined topic themes with custom colors, paddings, borders, and shades

Dropbox integration

Enable to import/export mind maps from/to your Dropbox account


Share your mind map anytime and anywhere

Mind Map Templates

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I found Edraw EdrawMind to be very useful and helpful in assisting me in my ability to simplify complex knowledge, information, and ideas into orderly structured mind maps, so that you can easily read, learn and memorize. I loved how easy it was to drag and drop information. I'm also a big fan of the icons that they provide you with. The themes and templates are beautiful and make everything look GREAT!!

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