Human Resources Templates

Simplify recruiting and employee development with these EdrawMind templates for HR pros.

One-on-One Meeting Template
Increase employee productivity by conducting meetings among your employees to get to know their thoughts and improve their career growth.
Onboarding Checklist Template
Leaving a good impression on newly-hired employees during the onboarding process is key to a great working environment.
Roles and Responsibilities Template
You can write a well-written job description and keep your employees organized by adopting to roles and duties template.
Job Description Template
With the help of a job description template, creating a great job description is simple.
Interview Feedback Template
Improve interviewer feedback and consistency so you can quickly locate the appropriate applicant.
Performance Review Template
Lay out all the necessary talking points and aspects to evaluate an employee or team member accurately.
Career Development Plan Template
Planning for career growth can be exhausting; hence, most employees and organizations use a particular diagram to identify development goals.
Interview Checklist Template
Interviews can be nerve-wracking, and making a checklist is one of the ways to ease the pressure off yourself.
Organizational Breakdown Structure Template
When an organization is so big that delegating tasks can be a handful, managers can use the OBS to specifically and efficiently assign workloads to a specific department or employee.