Onboarding Checklist Template

Leaving a good impression on newly-hired employees during the onboarding process is key to a great working environment.
Onboarding checklist Template

About the Onboarding Checklist Template

What is an onboarding checklist?

An onboarding checklist is a list of the things that you should prepare before onboarding a new employee. It is a significant part of the onboarding process to ensure that you never forget a step. Aside from that, an onboarding checklist also helps you guide new employees through their first day with the team. Generally, an onboarding checklist is a crucial tool for the company and the newly-hired employees.
As onboarding is the process of bringing and introducing a new hire into your company, it is essential to let them experience the best. A poor onboarding experience can negatively affect employee engagement; that is why you have to leave a positive impression. The onboarding checklist will help you with that. With the help of the onboarding checklist that you prepared, the onboarding process should go as planned.
While preparing for the onboarding process, your onboarding checklist template should have the essential things to do laid out. This tactic dramatically helps you when welcoming a new employee. Aside from that, this also provides you with an overview of what essential onboarding steps you forgot to add to your onboarding checklist template.
Your onboarding checklist template should include all of the critical things from recruitment to helping the new employee adapt to their new team. Examples of that are the new employee orientation, job training, introduction to the company's culture, and goal-setting. Meeting the other employees should also be included in your checklist. The things mentioned will guide the new hire to adjust quickly and become a productive member of your team.
The length of your onboarding checklist template will depend on the new hire's role and the company's hiring process. Just make sure that it covers everything the new hire should know about their role and the company.

When to use an onboarding checklist?

You have to use an onboarding checklist whenever you are onboarding a new hire to the company. This checklist is to ensure that the onboarding process will go as smoothly as possible. It also gives an impression to the new hire that you are putting importance on them and their role in the company.
It can be exciting yet nerve-wracking for a newly hired employee to embark upon a new job. That is why you need to ensure that newly hired employees start on the right foot by providing them with the important information they need. The onboarding checklist template will assist you with that.
Using an onboarding checklist also has its advantages. Not just to you and your company, but also to the new employee. The most obvious one is that the onboarding checklist helps streamline the onboarding process. This efficient process will have a positive impact on the new employee. Also, research shows that most employees who went through an efficient onboarding process feel a high level of connection towards the company.
Other advantages of having an efficient onboarding process are as follows:
  • Encourage open communication.
  • Boost company familiarization.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Minimize mistakes.
  • Maintain company consistency.
  • Signify your company brand.
  • Avoiding the waste of time.
The above list is just some of the advantages of having an onboarding process backed with an onboarding checklist. The positive results of using an onboarding checklist template can go beyond expectations if it is laid out well without forgetting any important aspect.

Onboarding Checklist Templates and Examples

Your onboarding checklist template is the key to having a smooth and efficient onboarding process. With that, you have to construct it without leaving out any important aspect needed in the process. See some of the examples below to get an idea of what your onboarding checklist template should look like.
You can make your onboarding checklist on an excel file, just like the example above. As it shows, the author of the checklist has a welcome email planned out and a pre-onboarding checklist. It also shows the essential things that should be done in every category. This structure of an onboarding checklist is also great as it prepares the new hire for the onboarding.
Onboarding Checklist Example 02
In this onboarding checklist template, the author categorized their template by time frame. From the employee's first day, first month, and first three months. The first day consisted of the welcoming process, orientation, and an organized tour. It is then followed by goal setting in the first month and evaluation and goals review in the first three months. This tactic is also beneficial to the company and the employee as they can track their job performance.
You can also use online software to make your onboarding checklist. Some software does have an onboarding checklist template. But if you prefer to make your own, you can do that too. When doing it, please make sure not to leave any steps or processes necessary for the onboarding.