Interview Checklist Template

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, and making a checklist is one of the ways to ease the pressure off yourself.
Interview Checklist Template

About the Interview Checklist Template

Whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee, any interview can sometimes be nerve-wracking, and making a checklist is one of the ways to ease the pressure off yourself.

What is an interview checklist?

An interview checklist allows you to layout the information and other things you need during the interview itself. You might take for granted some important things since nerves can rack up inside your system during the interview day. A checklist helps clients and candidates keep track during the interview process.

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When and why use an Interview Checklist Template?

These checklists, similar to the list you do when going grocery shopping, help you sort out things and focus on those that need to be done to be fully prepared for the interview process. For employees, an interview checklist can also be good to evaluate every applicant's answers. By making a list, you can formulate an interview structure with similar questions that make it easier to compare after the interview.
How to create an interview checklist?
An interview checklist is just the same as the usual list you see; however, you have to consider the following points to make your checklist an effective one:
  • You must first plan out the interview process. Some things that need to be discussed here include the kind of applicant you're looking for and the timeline for the whole interview process.
  • Before the interview, you must come up with interview questions designed for the open position. Preparing questions ahead will save you from asking non-related topics during the interview properly.
  • Your interview checklist template must also include an interview structure. Structuring your interview questions is an essential aspect of your interview checklist. Everyone will be guided on the hierarchy of the things that need to be discussed during the interview. When structuring the interview process, you can start by introducing yourself to the applicant, learning more about the applicant's experiences, assessing whether their skills match the job qualifications, among others.
  • It can also help to prepare an interview scorecard to assess every applicant properly. Taking notes on the applicants' answers can also be beneficial; however, scorecards can help your team track during the interview process. It is the employer's way of ranking every candidate for the vacant position.
  • Doing phone interviews before in-person interviews can also be part of your interview checklist. This way, you can narrow down and filter the pool of applicants.

Interview Checklist Examples

Interview checklists go both ways - for the employer and the applicant. Here are some examples of them:

Online Interview Checklist for Applicants

As the pandemic continues to halt some people's movements, resulting in most employees working remotely, you can always expect online interviews. Indeed all interviews are mostly similar, but there are some key factors you need to consider while making an interview preparation checklist.
It is a given fact that before the day of the interview, you need to ensure you have a background of the company you are applying for. You can list down essential online sources to provide you with additional information about the company. You also need to include it in your checklist to create a conducive space for your interview and ensure your internet connectivity works well.

University Interview Checklist

University interviews also require a checklist. It is similar to a job interview in that you need to prepare yourself and the necessary documents to be submitted.
The example above is a lengthy task and reminders list of what you need to prepare before, during, and after the university interview. It might be your dream university or a school you are eyeing to apply for a scholarship, so you need to show a good impression.