Strategy & Planning Templates

Propel your plans from strategy through to execution with templates for planning
sessions, plan prioritization, visual presentations, and beyond.

RACI Matrix Template
Delegate your tasks accordingly to all the members involved before starting your project.
Event Brief Template
Make a detailed outline of an event you're preparing to hold.
Event Planning Checklist Template
List all requirements and other tasks in one detailed template to avoid missing anything for your events.
Organizational Chart Template
Visually illustrate company employees’ responsibilities, roles, and relationships using an extensive and comprehensive diagram.
Data Flow Diagram Template
Any industry needs to have proper visual representation and process and data flow to ensure smoother work functions.
Pomodoro Technique Worksheet Template
It is a time management technique that may substantially boost your attention.
Eisenhower Matrix Template
If you are swamped with so many tasks that you do not know what to prioritize, it might help you make a structure of the urgency of your tasks.
Priority Matrix Template
Having goals for your company is essential, but making them realistic and achievable can sometimes be challenging, hence the need for diagrams to categorize project plans.
Communication Plan Template
Communicate a clear, effective message to your audience.
Cynefin Framework Template
To locate various issues and assist you with your decisions.
Event Timeline Template
Outline an easy-to-understand view of past and future milestones.
Impact Mapping Template
A simple method to outlining goals and achieving them.
PESTLE Analysis Template
Identify and track external factors that may influence your business.
OKR Template
Help your team stay on track and accomplish the goals you set for them with the help of an OKR template.
Fishbone Diagram Template
Visualize the possible sources of an issue so that you can work together to fix it.
AARRR Framework Template
Outline your plans for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue.