Event Planning Checklist Template

List all requirements and other tasks in one detailed template to avoid missing anything for your events.
Event Planning Checklist Template

What is an event planning checklist?

Planning an event is always a handful. It involves several considerations and layers and layers of information. There are several aspects to keep track of, from the pre-planning stage to the logistics on the event day. If you just keep all those things and use your head to memorize everything, then you are in great trouble. It is never ideal and will always lead to chaos and stress.
This is why you need to have a checklist for your event. It can always make a massive difference if you can list and outline all the necessary things for an event. The concept of your checklist will also vary since there is no such thing as event duplicates. Each event is unique; hence you need to customize your event checklist template.
You want to organize your checklist online or have done it traditionally using a pen and paper with your DIY template. Whatever works for you best.

Benefits of using an event planning checklist

A thoroughly planned checklist ensures you stay organized and focused on the tasks at hand. Here are some of the fundamental reasons why you need a checklist:
  • It clears your mind. You need to consider just so many things in planning an event, regardless of how grand or simple, it is. Keeping all the ideas, thoughts, and tasks in your mind will overwhelm you and may lose your focus on your tasks. Having a checklist allows you to put all your ideas into the paper instead of in your head. Ensure to list them in order of importance.
  • It allows you to organize and record all your contacts. You cannot avoid including in your checklist a few event contacts. Since you also need to communicate with suppliers and other event partners, ensure that all of them are listed somewhere in your checklist—no need to search for contact information from your mobile phones when finalizing event arrangements.
  • It helps you monitor the finances. As you include finances on your checklist, you can keep track of your spending when planning the event. You can include in your checklist rough estimates or exact numbers for every requirement for the event. Once you make a payment, you can tick it off from your list or mark it complete. Some event planners have separate accounting documents to quickly transfer all the event expenses from their list as everything is already organized.
  • It helps employees and event volunteers. A checklist can also include the human resources for the event. Since the tasks are assigned to specific people already, they will know who will take responsibility for each task and what tasks they must complete. You can classify your list into your personal and group. The group checklist is for every event team member to know which tasks have already been completed.
  • You can also enjoy your event. Once you have checklists and follow them, you can comfortably sit back, knowing your event will be successful. You do not have to worry if you suddenly forgot to take care of something since everything needs to be done on the checklist. Ultimately, a checklist gives you peace of mind.

Event Planning Checklist Templates

As has been said, you can always customize your checklist; however, you must include a few important details as you create your event checklist. If you feel like having a hard time coming up with a concept for yourself, here are some templates you can refer to:
The first template below is a detailed yet straightforward checklist. It includes the important dates at the topmost of the list, including event date, registration, and publicity start dates. Below are all the tasks that need to be accomplished before the event. They are categorized so as not to leave out any to-dos for the event. It even has due dates and additional notes columns. You can use online diagramming tools to construct your checklist. Instead of using black and white, you can add colors, images, shapes, and stickers to look festive. Just remember not to overdo and make you and your team confused with the event planning checklist template.

Example 1

Example 2

This second example is another detailed checklist. It is designed to list tasks that need to be accomplished before the event. You can see the specification at the uppermost portion of the template. Besides the due date, this template also includes columns for the completion date and the personnel assigned for each task. Including the personnel on the checklist avoids duplication of tasks and allows the event manager to keep track of each member's responsibilities.
Creating this checklist online will do even greater good for the team, as members can input their remarks on the columns at the right. Collaboration is one of the good features of online diagramming tools.

Example 3

Event Planning Checklist example 3

Source: pinterest.com

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