Communication Plan Template

Communicate a clear, effective message to your audience.
Communication Plan Template

About the Communication Plan Template

Communicate a clear, effective message to your audience.
For most companies that have direct access to communication with their target audience, it is very important to have a clear communication plan. This kind of plan also helps to organize the public you are dealing with as an enterprise. Most of the marketing and sale companies that work with customer service tend to use this kind of communication plan to make sure that there is a direct connection between they meant their consumers through various social media platforms, emails, and notifications, etc. This helps in increasing the visibility of your brand.
In order to have clear and efficient communication, these plans provide the best layouts for launching any kind of product, news regarding the services, notifying the consumers about new additions, etc. With communication plans, you can have the desired communication and responses.

Who should use a communication plan template?  

Following are some of the details regarding the users of the communication plan.
  1. Themes of marketing corporation: From small businesses to bigger companies, everyone uses marketing techniques and has marketing teams but uses communication plans for better working.
  2. Nonprofit organizations: The time moves faster for nonprofits which is why they deal with plenty of changes along the way. However, there are few things that cannot be removed suggest the necessity of communication. Most nonprofits organizations have always survived on funds, so it is important to create a clear messaging root through a communication plan.
  3. Agencies: Most agencies cannot work without clear communication, which is why they use a communication plan to navigate their place with the clients.
  4. Upper management: The upper management includes the CEOs and public spokespersons; they require communication plans to handle the companies' organizations through notifications and emails etc.

How to use the communications plan template?

If you have problems creating your communication plan, don't worry because we have collected all the steps regarding how to use the communication plan template. Just follow along with the procedure and let it guide you towards a perfect communication plan:
  1. Initially, you need to log into the chosen platform; once you are logged in, you must find the home page. The home page will let you make a new document; it can be anything from mind maps to task boards. There are plenty of options regarding the template in addition to templates within the library.
  2. The scheme starts with making the columns within the templates, and the column consists of boxes that have the data regarding the focal audience whose message you will be communicating. These boxes will include internal insights of the audience, which means you would have details like name, sexual orientation, age, job designation, education, marital status, etc.; make sure to always be precise and brief in order to get authenticity.
  3. Now you will be dealing with the second column. This is where the objectives would be clarified on why the delivery of the messages is being done. Here the question arises regarding the goal of the messages. Is the goal luring the audience to your website or gaining more revenues on sale? There can be plenty of possibilities regarding this.
  4. Now is the time to establish reasons that make you better than other existing competitors by enforcing good qualities on the forefront. Make your eligible to the audience? Who provides the guarantee of message will deliverance?
  5. Now is the time to specify the message that you want to spread with your brand name. What is the main mission statement? What are the goals you want to specify in the second column according to the template, and how can you achieve those goals as well?
  6. Fast forward to the fifth column, where you will be provided with an outline that will help in distributing the method. Suppose you want to communicate through an email or an article; try to focus on the main focal audience and the mediums that will ease up the process of communication with them.
  7. This is where you might want to specify the flow of the communication and specify the quantity of spontaneous message sending. If you are opting for communication with the upper management, one email would be sufficient; however, when you are working with the lower management, such as your teammates or sales subordinates, you can send multiple messages or emails for better communication.
  8. Lastly, you need to compile your communication plan, and this will help you in providing your first draft and sending out notifications of messages. This will help you to create a clear channel of communication with your teammates.

How to create a communication plan?

This communication plan is a vital tool; it is important to know the right way to create it. We have listed some of the detailed steps. Just follow along and create your own communication plan.
  1. Come up with methods of communication: Initially, you would start to create your communication plan by finalizing the mode of communication as well as the topic of communication. This will consist of things necessary for the communication, such as needed tools, etc. Synced communication is very important as it is live and easy. However, unsynced communication can only be then through messaging and takes a lot of time as well. We tend to indulge in the asynchronous method of communication on a daily basis as we send official messages, notifications on emails to people. While venturing about what tool you would use, you also need to specify the usage of the tool as well. Following are some examples.
    • Emails for the outsiders of the company.
    • Daily updates through synchronous communication between teammates.
    • Project update documents
    • Zoom and online meetings for progress checkups.
    • Online brainstorming sessions for coming up with new and innovative ideas.
  2. Set a consistent rhythm of communication: Now that the degree of communication is established, we need to align the rhythm of the communication as well. This deals with the frequency of communication and the number of messages sent to the other parties. The rhythm of the communication is basically your channel for updating the stakeholders in letting them know about the progress of the ongoing projects.
    Following the some of the examples to deeply understand the concept regarding the rhythm of communication:
    • Suppose you are scheduling a weekly update conference online, which will include all stakeholders and people involved in the investments of the project.
    • In a scenario where you are in a meeting regarding the completion of the first draft and gathering new innovative ideas through brainstorming.
    • Creating a milestone mechanism through team-building exercises.
  3. Creator management plan for stakeholders: The product's overall success of the product is mainly dependent on the stakeholders, which is why it is important to have an opening meeting with the stakeholders again their support.
    Focus on creating a perfect communication plan that will assist you in clearing out communication hurdles with the stakeholders and let them know about the project's progress. You can also list out communicational patterns to decide which one you would choose. This will help you, however easy flow of feedback from both sides.
  4. Share and update the plan consistently: Now that you are done with the whole communication plan, it is important to always update it according to the project progress and share it with the stakeholders and the team members to let them know about the overall progress they have made. This helps the team to work faster and clearer while getting the full support of the stakeholders.

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Communication plan examples

Following are the two examples of communication plan template that will help you understand the concept very well:

1. Strategic Communication Plan

This template is the best example of a communication plan on a corporate enterprise level. Most corporations and organizations tend to use this template when they have to create stability between themselves and their vocal audience. As this communication plan is very visually appealing, most of the audience end the way attracted to it due to its classy design and vivid colors. Following are some of the parts added to the plan.
  • Summary
  • Goals
  • Scenario analysis
  • Region-based data or demographics
Now all you need to do is copy your needed data and paste it into the plan template. You can also add up many other things such as maps, pages, charts, etc. You can insert a new or duplicate it from the older PowerPoint if you want the same format. This will save you a lot of time as well.

2. Crisis Communication Plan

Crises are always a part of business in the corporate world, whether you are a startup company or a big corporation. You need to have a certain communication plan in order to cope with crisis, especially in the new ongoing state—communication plans regarding crises help in either preventing them or handling them with ease.
In the scenario where there is a crisis, there is a high need for a communication plan in order to coordinate work between the stakeholders and the team. Following are some of the things they added to the crisis communication plan:
  • The policy of crisis communication
  • The main theme of command in crisis
  • CCC hierarchy
  • Media