PESTLE Analysis Template

Identify and track external factors that may influence your business.
PESTLE Analysis Template

About the PESTLE Analysis Templates

Identify and track external factors that may influence your company with the PESTLE analysis template. It is an important element of any strategic planning process since it allows you to evaluate and plan for any external circumstances that may impact your business.
A PESTLE analysis is a vital business tool that tremendously helps and assists organizations with seeing what various elements are meaning for their tasks today and later on. A PESTLE analysis works differently compared to the PEST model because it checks out all the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors that impact the business. PESTLE studies are used by organizations to distinguish, investigate, put together, and track the macroeconomic viewpoints that impact organization results.

What does PESTLE stand for?

PESTLE stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental aspects, which are the six major external factors that might impact a firm. Each of these ideas represents an external element that might provide possibilities or challenges to your company in the present and future. By analyzing your company based on these six factors of PESTLE analysis, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and future-proof your operations, giving your company the competitive advantage it needs as it grows and develops.

What are the 6 Factors of a PESTLE analysis?

The PESTLE framework is divided into six components, each of which provides information about a market's viability. For a strategic overview, fill in the sections below.

1. Political

Political factors can truly have a massive effect on corporate companies. For instance, official policies issued by the government, political inconsistency, government frauds, export policies, corporate laws, and regulation can massively have a great impact on the overall planning of companies' strategies. While assessing the PESTLE analysis regarding the political factors, you should ask: what kind of governmental policies or political factors will be good or bad for the progress of our corporation.

2. Economic

Most of the factors of the economy and how the progression of those factors impact the business are taken into consideration in Economic factors. Moreover, the central bank and the governmental administrations are responsible for calculating and evaluating the economic pointers. Following are some of the pointers:
  • Rates of growth in the economy
  • Rates of interest
  • Rates of exchange
  • Inflation
  • Rates of unemployment
The above-mentioned content is always the focal point of outer environmental inquiry. As we know, economic accepts are very crucial for any business, but the significance of the other PESTLE components should not be neglected.
Economic Example: company changing their financial scheme according to the fluctuation in interest rates in the market.

3. Social

There is a high chance social attributes such as social movements, new trends will have a massive impact on your business progress, consumers, and market demand. For Example, your business can be highly affected by social behaviors, prospects regarding currencies, consumer services, job details, trends regarding social statuses, growth in population, and immigrant families. While assessing the PESTLE analysis, you should ask: how the buying patterns of our current or upcoming consumers are affected by the social trends at certain locations.

4. Technological

The over manufacturing, dispatching, and marketing of the products can be highly influenced by technology. For instance, rules regarding technology, accessibility of technology, and technical infrastructure are crucial for companies and their business. While assessing the PESTLE analysis, you should ask: how can current technology or growth in current technology affect corporate businesses?

5. Legal

The working capacity of organizations is highly influenced by various aspects of legal rules and regulations. For instance, laws regarding customers, trading, and security laws can affect the overall working of the business. While assessing the PESTLE analysis, you should ask: how will the overworking of legal matters affect the working capacity of the organization.

6. Environmental

Most enterprises regarding tourism, agribusiness, and husbandry are highly dependent on environmental factors and changes. For Example, most companies make their business schemes according to the area, demographics, weather, etc. While assessing the PESTLE analysis regarding the environmental factors, you should ask: what will happen to our business and its working ability if climate and environmental change occurs.

When should you do a PESTLE Analysis?

You might utilize a PESTLE Analysis to deliberately investigate where you are and what you're probably going to look at in the future at any second. With regards to advertising, authoritative change, business and item advancement, and examination, this movement is incredibly helpful with the PESTLE analysis template.

How to conduct a PESTLE analysis?

Step 1: Make a list of all of the PESTLE factors.
Consider the accompanying six factors that might impact your business: political, economic, social, technological, legal, and ecological. You might have a gigantic meeting to generate new ideas or urge your collaborators to come ready with thoughts by conceptualizing themselves. Your target ought to be to foster a rundown of explicit manners by which these factors may influence your business, and you can have an eye on them by using a PESTLE analysis template.
Step 2: Arrange these criteria in order of importance.
Rank the elements you described above according to their predicted level of influence on the organization. If there are major differences in the ratings, talk about it! Allow time and space for people to alter their minds. As more feedback from your teammates comes in, adjust the ranking.
Step 3: Share
After you've done your PESTLE study, it's time to communicate your findings with stakeholders. Keeping stakeholders informed about what you're doing about external variables that might affect your business is an important element of the PESTLE analysis.
Step 4: Do it again.
Finally, to keep your strategies and processes current, perform the PESTLE analysis. This will keep you updated and aware of the numerous key variables to consider while strategizing for your firm.

PESTLE Analysis Examples & Case Studies

PepsiCo is the world's second-largest beverage manufacturer, after only Coca-Cola. It has a 37 percent stake in the worldwide beverage industry; therefore, it must grasp each country's market in order to stay in compliance with its PESTLE conditions.


Pepsi is regulated by the FDA since it is a non-alcoholic product. As a result, they must adhere to the FDA's standards in a consistent manner. Furthermore, many different markets throughout the world have their own set of rules, which might be permissive or stringent. The political climate is particularly crucial since civil unrest may occur in some places, or product sales may decrease in rising prices. Most importantly, cross-border situations fluctuate dramatically. Thus Pepsi must remain compliant with all rules and modifications in order to respond effectively.


Businesses have had to significantly rearrange their sales and marketing strategy as a result of the present economic crisis. Due to falling earnings, they had to shrink internally and reconsider how to break into the market. Economic conditions, regardless of industry, have the biggest influence on a firm.


Pepsi is strongly impacted by social factors due to the fact that it is a product that does not contain any alcohol and that must comply with the strict and harsh cultural disparities seen all over the world. Pepsi must also market its image as a global brand so that people see it as something that unites people from all over the world together. In most cases, social ramifications are evident in marketing campaigns.


Because of the beginning of another period in innovation, organizations have completely joined themselves into the entirety of the new turns of events. Web-based media is a new idea that has detonated in prominence. The ascent of web-based media has made it conceivable to have a more elaborate relationship with clients, with continuous results.


The refreshment business might confront an assortment of lawful issues. I'd prefer to specify a notable occurrence in India when Pepsi was faulted for utilizing sullied water after a lab test was performed on the water running into the Pepsi office, which was arranged just about a cutting edge area. A significant survey of the things was given, and the thing was then attempted, which cost the firm billions of dollars since India is an immense market.


These factors affect Pepsi, yet they don't fundamentally affect its exchange and benefit age, as these components greatly affect agri-organizations.

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