Marketing Templates

Simplify your workflows and optimize your daily routines with our collection of marketing templates.

Brand Identity Prism Template
Create a distinct brand identity that will assist you in communicating the proper signals to your target audience.
Market Segmentation Template
The basis for creating any marketing strategy template is the segmentation of the total market and the resulting target markets.
Voice of Customer Template
Create guidelines that help you better understand and enhance your customer service.
BCG Matrix Template
Companies have different ways to assess products; some use a detailed diagram to identify how the products perform on the market.
Perceptual Map Template
Understand, interpret, and illustrate customers’ perceptions of a particular product or service.
Customer Journey Map Template
No business can survive without customers; a clear concise visual representation of your client's journey is a good way to ensure customer satisfaction.
User Persona Template
Develop main users' profiles for having a clear view on selling products to them.
Empathy Map Template
An empathy map will help you get inside the head of your potential or existing customer. Empathy map templates assist in gaining insight into customer behavior and what works and what doesn't.
4 Ps of Marketing
As your company prepares to launch a new product or service to the market, it is essential to have a "Going to Market Strategy" which will serve as a roadmap to execute a successful product launch.
Sitemap Template
A sitemap template is a useful tool for making the website design process go more smoothly. It enables you to assess the material and design components you intend to use on your website.