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Various Types of Maps

Based on mind maps, also include timelines, bubble maps, etc
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Superior File Compatibility

Allow you to export your files to any other file format you need.
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Support Multiple Devices

Available on PC, tablet, mobile and web. Support Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, Linux, etc.
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Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere

Collaborate with team members in real time, on anywhere, on any devices.
1. Add frosted glass effect in all-new UI design;
2. Recategorize functions in ribbon;
3. "Help" is split into "Help Center" and "Account". Click "Help Center" in the upper right corner to find the software-related tutorial;
4. Click "File" > "Account" to check activation, deactivation, and update;
5. Find Gantt Chart Settings from "Advanced" > "Task";
6. View "Find & Replace" and "Font Symbol" in "Home";
7. Select any topic in the map, and the mini toolbar will show up. You can quickly change the style, font, shape, and color of the topic. Click "More" to close the toolbar, and it will be hidden;
8. Brand new Task Pane with new categories;
9. Optimize file saving function and support Auto-save. You can turn off Auto-save or set the duration in "Options";
10. Newly add the "All Pages" option in "Find & Replace", and the engine will show the search result found across all pages;
11. Fixed some other crashes and known issues;
1. Now you can run multiple instances of EdrawMind on one computer at the same time;
2. Added a new quick entry for mind map creation;
3. Now you can switch and confirm the selected pop-up button through the shortcut keys: Tab and Enter;
4. Optimized software upgrade experiences;
5. Optimized the experience of outline editing and exporting;
6. Fixed some display problems when opening a note in special cases;
7. Fixed some adaptation problems when connecting an external monitor;
8. Fixed the display issue of outline and frame when printing branches;
9. Fixed some other crashes and known issues.
1. Now you can batch import mutiple XMind, Word, and other files at once;
2. Now you can upload your files to the cloud via drag and drop;
3. Now you can print just a portion of a mind map;
4. Now you can set the default width of topic;
5. Now you can set the default position after inserting the picture;
6. Optimized the interactive experience of the rating pop-up window when it is closed;
7. Optimized the table function, now you can click on it to edit, change the color of selected text, etc;
8. Optimized cloud file saving, fixed the error when saving large files in some cases;
9. Optimized the experience of Hyperlink and Comment;
10. Fixed the problem that the content of the historical version is inconsistent with the thumbnail in some cases;
11. Fixed some crashes and known issues.
1. Integrated Customer Service Chatbot;
2. Added multiple configurable shortcuts (Ctrl+S, F1...);
3. Added new shortcuts: Ctrl+Alt+D (Highlight Text), Alt+Enter (Wrap Text);
4. Support to select, format, and indent/outdent multiple items in Outliner;
5. Fixed the display issue in Outliner when the map has too many levels;
6. Fixed the issue that the inserted images of mind maps appear blurry after exporting;
7. Fixed some other known issues.
1. Outline 2.0 - Brand new outline feature, more powerful outline editing;
2. Support branch free positioning in Advanced Layout, which allows you to move the main topics freely;
3. Refactored the file storage mechanism;
4. Brand new UI, better user experience;
5. Now you can drag the canvas with the mouse while holding down the spacebar;
6. Fishbone diagram, timeline and other structures are now available for all users;
7. Fixed some crashes and known issues.
1. Added 2 new numbering styles;
2. Support text alignment in Table;
3. Optimized the experience of sharp resizing;
4. Adjusted the interaction of hyperlink and attachment openning;
5. Optimized the experience of the software update;
6. Optimized the experience of the software activation;
7. Optimized PDF export and fixed some incompatibility issues;
8. Optimized the experience of search result in community;
9. Optimized the experience of map publishing;
10. Added a community entrance to the New menu;
11. Support right-click to publish, share, and export files from Cloud;
12. Fixed some problems of Gantt chart;
13. Fixed the caching problem of communities and cloud files (content not updating);
14. Fixed some known crashes and other problems.
1. Successfully reduce embeded web pages' loading time by 40%.
2. Redesign attractive themes, remake high-quality clip arts, and optimize old UI controls to help you create beautiful mind maps.
3. Support to insert tables into mind maps.
4. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
5. Fix the crash issue that happens in certain situations.
1. Add a new Mind Map Gallery to help you find the inspiration when you create a mind map.
2. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
3. Fix the crash issue that happens in certain situations.
1. Update software logo.
2. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
3. Fix the crash issue that happens in certain situations.
1. Fix the Google login issue.
2. Fix the issue of losing images in the rich text area field.
3. You can now import Word tables into EdrawMind.
1. Now you can create, export, publish and share multiple pages in one mind map document.
2. Now you can import XMind multiple-page documents.
3. Password Protection: Now you can protect your map with a password. Add, modify and remove the password with ease.
4. Now you can import FreeMind files.
5. Now you can import Word, HTML and Markdown files. Transform your Word / HTML / Markdown file into a mind map instantly!
6. Now you can adjust the size of the image that is inserted in the note.
7. Now you can adjust the size of the image that is pasted in the node.
8. Formula Editor: Now you can create formulas in EdrawMind by using Formula Editor.
9. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
10. Fix the crash issue that happens in certain situations.
1. EdrawMind's newest UI is a pretty drastic change compared to its past versions.
2. Now you can import the Xmind: Zen files to EdrawMind.
3. Now you can choose to paste text using the formatting of the source.
4. You can double-click an inserted image file to open it by default in Preview.
5. Now you can drag file name labels to switch the document positions.
6. Now you can add watermarks to pictures, customize watermarks, and preview pictures with watermarks.
7. Speed up searching, opening, saving, and copying files.
8. Improve the performance of exporting EdrawMind files to Evernote files.
1. Optimized auto-backup function.
2. Print settings could be saved.
3. Support inserting excel cells to the topics.
4. Adding promp dialogue when exiting from note.
1. Add search feature for tags, notes and comments.
2. Add Google Drive.
3. Support custom shortcuts.
4. Optimize the start up speed.
5. Fix an issue of upgrading to new version failure when check for update in software.
6. Fix an issue of opening Cloud files failure.
1. Support custom theme, and update 33 themes.
2. Add three new free layouts: Circular Map, Bubble Map, Sector Map.
3. New style clip art.
4. New style UI.
5. Cloud server transfers to AWS.
6. Add DropBox.
7. Right click to manage Tag.
8. Drag to align floating topics.
9. Fix some bugs.
10. Learn more at New Release! EdrawMind V7.0
1.Added EdrawMind Community - a place to share mind maps to each other. (View EdrawMind V6.5 Features)
2. Added brainstorming mode. There is a board on the left to quickly collect all the ideas and a timer to keep things on track.
3. Mind Maps are editable in the full-screen mode.
4. Topic margins are customizable.
5. You can choose to center or upper the content on print page.
6. Improved the User Information center.
7. Supports to export the mind maps to EverNote.
8. Supports to set network proxy.
9. Improved the result of exporting mind map to Excel.
10. Double click on the blank area to quickly add floating button.
12. The added Boundary and Summary can be further resized to cover more or less topics.
11. The drawing board now moves automatically when typing long sentences.
13. Quickly select same type of topics.
14. Quickly set recent colors.
15. Fixed the bug of exporting Gantt charts.
1. Added Fishbone layout.
2. Added Winding Timeline, Horizontal Timeline and Vertical Timeline layout.
3. The width of topic box can be adjusted by dragging the right-side border.
4. Added collapsed and expanded function in presentation mode.
5. Improved note function. Notes can be pinned on anywhere of the canvas, and when it's pinned, it can be exported, printed or presented.
6. Added the image fill feature to fully fill a topic box with only an image.
7. Support to insert relative hyperlinks.
8. Added the feature to simultaneously set text fonts for peer topics together at once.
9. Optimized part of theme styles.
10. Fixed the bugs of the Drill feature.
11. Improved part of keyboard shortcuts.
12. Added new theme styles and examples for mind maps, fishbones, and timelines.
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