RACI Matrix Template

Delegate your tasks accordingly to all the members involved before starting your project.
RACI Matrix Template

About the RACI matrix template

What is a RACI matrix?

A RACI template streamlines decision-making and simplifies communication processes. It clarifies any ambiguity over who among the team is responsible for specific tasks. Formulating the RACI matrix template can somehow take a lot of your time, but it is an essential step in the process of project planning.
The RACI template is used to plan responsibilities and other roles for everyone to be informed when the time comes to complete the task or get feedback on all deliverables. It is not just about completing the template that is essential since RACI must be referred to and utilized throughout the project duration. This is to monitor which members are responsible for tasks and other deliverables.
Regardless of company size, the RACI template is essential. There might just be some differences as to how complex the diagram would be, but the importance of this method does not differ.

What does RACI stand for?

RACI also means Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed. It is a responsibility assignment matrix that is a simplified yet highly effective project management method that ensures that everyone involved in the project promotes efficient communication and has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
The RACI template lays out all the deliverables against members' roles on the project, while responsibilities and decision-making are delegated to each role using the four elements comprising RACI. Before moving on, you need to be familiar with what each of those elements means.
  • Responsible. This person is responsible for doing the task, getting the job done, or making decisions. In some cases, the ones assigned here can be more than employees or team members. As the one who plots the diagram, it is best not to overpopulate this section here. Ensure to minimize the number of people involved.
  • Accountable. The assigned employee here is the one responsible for the overall realization and completion of deliverables and tasks. They will not get the job done; instead, they oversee the finality of the project. Ideally, there must only be one assigned in this section to avoid confusion regarding who generally owns the task.
  • Consulted. This person assigned here can be a consultant, providing essential inputs to completing the deliverables. It must be two-way communication between the one responsible and those consulted.
  • Informed. These groups of people in this section must be kept updated on the progress of the task or project. They are not tasked to provide feedback on the task, but the project's outcome can possibly affect them. A one-way communication usually happens in this section.

Why should you use a RACI matrix?

Why would you care about having a RACI chart template in your company? This framework generally brings several benefits to your business and project functions. See the list below:
  • It streamlines communication. Instead of involving every team member in a single decision, you can facilitate communication and have the designated members be involved to speed up decision-making and sign-offs.
  • You will prevent people from overloading. You do not want to go through each member's opinions one by one and feel the hassle of incorporating their points of view. The good thing about having a RACI template is that you can distinguish between Informed and Consulted and classify those involved in feedback and individuals that only need updated progress on deliverables.
  • Since the template allows proper delegation of tasks, every team member will not be overloaded with assignments and prevent burn-out.
  • With the RACI template, you can set expectations not just for the project but also for those people involved in every task. Every team member will have a clearer view of their roles and expectations, thus creating work efficiency.

How do you make a RACI matrix?

You can follow these steps to create an effective RACI matrix template:
1. You need first to identify the project roles. You can list all the personnel involved in the project.
2. Review the project and specify the roles and responsibilities needed to complete the project. You can go as specific as you can but try not to overdo it. The chart might look too complex to be effective.
3. Now you need to assign those you listed on the different roles and the things they must be responsible for, for the duration of the project. It is essential to set only one person under the Accountable section.
4. Once the diagram has been filled, you need to consult your team first and seek their approval. There has to be a unified decision to some extent to have a harmonious project process.
5. Besides your team, you need to agree on what's in the diagram with the core project stakeholders. You can set up a virtual meeting or schedule a personal meeting to get their inputs on the chart.
6. You must use the RACI throughout the project life. You can make it a basis for evaluating whether tasks are delivered according to what is expected or if changes are needed along the project process.

RACI Matrix Examples

The first example below is a simplified template of a RACI. On top of every column, you can see that it provides company roles such as project manager, strategist, designer, front-end, and back-end developers instead of specific names. Each company position is then classified into different elements in the RACI chart. Remember that this could create confusion if everyone involved disagrees, especially since the list of personnel looks pretty generic. But it will still depend on the company and how they go about the process.
The second example above is a more specific one. It follows the steps provided in the previous chapter of this article. The names are specified and are placed on the roles delegated to them. The distinct part of the diagram, however, is it assigns two people under the Consulted section. Remember that there can only be one under that category as much as possible, but it will still depend on how huge the project is that it needs more people to handle the role.