RACI Matrix Template

Delegate your tasks accordingly to all the members involved before starting your project.
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About the RACI Matrix Template

To simplify your communication process in business management, many people use the RACI Matrix nowadays. This method can be used to manage your complex projects smoothly and effectively. You can assign tasks to your project members through the RACI Matrix to accomplish the goals flawlessly. You can find various RACI Matrix templates classified and differentiated according to the need of a situation.
This article will help you to discover various free RACI Matrix templates by offering their brief descriptions. Moreover, we will also suggest an advanced tool to make the RACI Matrix effortlessly.

Free RACI Matrix Templates

Do you want to know about popular free RACI Matrix templates? Read this section to explore some main RACI Matrix templates along with their details:
1. Simple RACI Matrix Template
A simple RACI Matrix template consists of activities and company roles side by side. You can assign tasks or activities such as the creation of design, style guides, and templates on the left column. After deciding on the activities, you can assign the tasks to the company roles such as project manager, designer, strategist, and accountant. This template offers a simple yet effective way to assign all the duties in a structured manner.
2. Project RACI Matrix Template
If you are handling a lengthy or complicated project, you can communicate the tasks and assignments in this template. You can divide your project into different phases, such as planning, execution, and control phases, in the left column. Afterward, you can assign the jobs of product manager, UI designer, content writer, and financial analyst in the rows to manage your project efficiently.
Through this RACI Matrix template, you can ensure effective communication among the responsible individuals easily. It will also help you evaluate the assigned tasks in a structured way.
3. Lord of the Rings Matrix Template
This template inspired by lord of the rings can help you in doing assignment tasks related to a movie or organizing games. In this exciting template, you can make the characters responsible, consultant, or informed according to your preference. Using this RACI Matrix template, you can strategize the game you are playing with your team members.
4. Specific RACI Matrix Template
In a specific RACI Matrix template, you can specify the names of employers by designating the tasks on the table. You can draw the sections of responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed on the left column. Afterward, you can specify the names on this template by assigning the duties respectively. This RACI Matrix template can help you in managing numerous people in a single project. By specifying the duties by their names, you can efficiently fulfill the due tasks involved in your project.

About RACI Matrix

Why would you care about having a RACI chart template in your company? This framework generally brings several benefits to your business and project functions. See the list below:
  • It streamlines communication. Instead of involving every team member in a single decision, you can facilitate communication and have the designated members be involved to speed up decision-making and sign-offs.
  • You will prevent people from overloading. You do not want to go through each member's opinions one by one and feel the hassle of incorporating their points of view. The good thing about having a RACI template is that you can distinguish between Informed and Consulted and classify those involved in feedback and individuals that only need updated progress on deliverables.
  • Since the template allows proper delegation of tasks, every team member will not be overloaded with assignments which will prevent burnout.
  • With the RACI template, you can set expectations not just for the project but also for those people involved in every task. Every team member will have a clearer view of their roles and expectations, thus creating work efficiency.

How to Create the RACI Matrix

You can follow these steps to create an effective RACI Matrix template:
Step 1: You need first to identify the project roles. You can list all the personnel involved in the project.edit action plan in ms word
Step 2: Review the project and specify the roles and responsibilities needed to complete the project. You can go as specific as you can but try not to overdo it. The chart might look too complex to be effective.edit action plan in ms word
Step 3: Now, you need to assign those you listed to the different roles and the things they must be responsible for, for the project's duration. It is essential to set only one person under the Accountable section. edit action plan in ms word
Step 4: Once the diagram has been filled, you need to consult your team first and seek their approval. There has to be a unified decision to some extent to have a harmonious project process.
Step 5: Besides your team, you need to agree on what's in the diagram with the core project stakeholders. You can set up a virtual meeting or schedule a personal meeting to get their input on the chart.
Step 6: You must use the RACI throughout the project life. You can make it a basis for evaluating whether tasks are delivered according to what is expected or if changes are needed along the project process.

How to Make a RACI Matrix in Excel

To make the RACI Matrix professionally, you can use the EdrawMind tool flawlessly. If you want to shift to Excel to create a RACI Matrix, you can use the Export option on EdrawMind. With a single tap, you can export a RACI Matrix in Excel from EdrawMind easily. Once done with exporting, you can easily continue making and editing a RACI Matrix in Excel. The RACI Matrix opened in Excel will have the same exact formatting and style which you have created on the EdrawMind desktop.
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Key Takeaways

EdrawMind is a simple yet reliable tool to easily make RACI Matrix and attractive mind maps. This software has introduced many features that allow you to flawlessly add customizations to your RACI Matrix. It provides various effects and backgrounds that can increase the visual appeal of your RACI Matrix template. EdrawMind also provides an online version in which you can do a real-time collaboration with your team members or the project manager. This feature will help you to make the RACI Matrix perfect and accurate according to the project. Also, it has a fast-processing speed that can help you to create mind maps and RACI Matrix quickly. For more information and updates, you can watch this brief EdrawMind tutorial video.