Event Brief Template

Make a detailed outline of an event you're preparing to hold.
Event Brief Template

What is an event brief?

An event brief allows you to get a complete picture of an event you're arranging. An event brief is generally written before the event and serves as a basis for companies and event organizers to work from. It is frequently used by event organizers, advertisers, and event companies.
A good event brief will include most of the event's crucial facts, such as any key dates or deadlines, financial information, itineraries, participant lists, site locations, and anything else you require. Templates for event briefs assist you in determining what needs to be done to guarantee the event goes successfully and according to schedule.

Why is an event brief important?

Putting together an event is a greater effort. An event may consume a significant portion of a small business's, startup's, individual company owners', and non-overall profit's resources. A well-organized event may bring in income, consumers, clients, and positive exposure. A badly organized event might result in a waste of time and money. Events are a great way for larger firms and enterprise corporations to show off what they can achieve. However, word of a failed event is sure to spread quickly.
There are several processes involved in bringing an event from an original idea to its ultimate implementation for event planners, marketing, and anybody wishing to put on an event of any type. Because events often take a lot of time and money to put on, it's critical for event planners to have simple access to all of the material they have to keep on track during strategic planning.

When to use the event brief template?

When organizing and conducting an event, use the Event Brief Template. It might be very beneficial when planning an event with a cross-functional team. You'll need to prepare an event brief whether you're arranging a charity, Christmas party, client appreciation dinner, or charity ball. Your event team, organizer, or agency can use the event short as a road map. It includes advice on the appearance and feel of the event, your money and timeframe, the guests, and other important details.

What should an event brief include?

The aim of the event, a timetable and crucial dates, a budget, guest information, style and feel suggestions, and venue choices are all included in a typical event brief. You risk wasting money, upsetting consumers, and generating an embarrassing media firestorm if an event does not go as planned. The event brief establishes the framework for your event. Here's how to put the template to work for you in designing and organizing a successful event brief.
1: Describe what will happen
It's critical to start with a full review of the event to provide your events crew or company with a clear image. What will the event appear like and how will it feel? Who will be there? What is the central theme?
2: Define your objectives
Because planning an event takes time and money, it's critical to link it to a measurable purpose. Do you plan to hold an event to promote your company's product? Do you have a particular financial target in mind for your fundraiser? The design agency or crew will make varied judgments regarding the layout, theme, style and style, and other critical factors depending on your aim.
3: Create a budget and a schedule
Make your budget based on the amount of money you intend to make from the event. If you're selling tickets, for example, figure out how many you'll need to sell and at what price bracket to make a profit. Make a timetable after you have a rough notion of your budget. Of course, you'll need a date for the event, but you'll also want to set some other key milestones along the road. For example, you may need to book a location at least three months in advance, or you may need to choose a caterer a month ahead of time.
4: Make a list of who will be attending
Your company's end-of-year blowout will feel and look nothing like a networking event for sales professionals. It's for this reason that a complete profile of your attendees is essential.
5: Incorporate a style guide
Although the majority of the event's appearance and feel will be handled by your events team or agency, it might be good to give advice on the event's style and feel to ensure the project is finished on time and within budget. Do you have any colors or logos that you'd want to utilize for your company or organization? Are you trying for something sophisticated or something lighthearted and playful? Make a concise summary that your event planner may refer to during the planning phase.

Event brief templates

Example 1

This event brief template has all the information from the event time, place, theme to the people who will be attending. Having an event brief planned can help immensely in properly organizing a party without making huge blunders. You can make your event brief just like this if it fits your preferences. But is more categorized formally towards university events and functions.

Example 2

This template can be used for any formal and informal event. All you need to do is put your relevant event information in every box and you are good to go. These templates will aid you in checking all the boxes before the event starts. It will ensure you don't forget important things and everything is as it should be. Event brief templates are one of the best things if you are someone who plans a lot of events.

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