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What is EdrawMind?

EdrawMind is a full-featured collaborative mind mapping and brainstorming tool. It is convenient and helpful for you to use EdrawMind to sort out your thoughts, visualize ideas, take notes, plan projects and more importantly, find solutions to problems.

The built-in templates in EdrawMind are comprehensive and cover all related fields. Novel design and diversified styles have become the core competence of EdrawMind. The function of slide-based presentation enables users to have a high integration of mind mapping and presenting. It is easy to auto-create slide pages with just one click.

Users are allowed to insert different kinds of objects into topics and mind maps in EdrawMind, including relationship line, callout, boundary, summary, mark, clip art, picture, hyperlink, attachment, note, comment, and tag. EdrawMind offers you a simple way to create mind maps on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Download the desktop version and try the free online version now! Enjoy its abundant themes and templates, powerful toolkit, and how remarkable it is to present and share with your audience.

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