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Select/Move Topics

Select Topics

Right-click on any topic of your mind map. On the contextual menu, as you can see in the below picture, you can select topics according to their types or levels.

select topics contextual menu

Alternatively, go to the View tab, click Select All, and there shows a drop-down menu of selection commands.

select all menu.png

Move Topics

To move a topic, you can drag and drop it to the targeted position or use the shortcut keys to move the topic up, down, left, or right within the same level.

When you move a topic by selecting and dragging it to the new position, a visual sign will show when the topic is moved. Any of your topics (except Main Idea) and the branches can be rearranged and moved among different levels.

move topic

Below are shortcut keys for moving topics:

Action Shortcut(s)
Move up Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow
Move down Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow
Move to beginning Ctrl + Shift + Home
Move to end Ctrl + Shift + End
Move to left Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow
Move to right Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow