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One-Click Mind Map

EdrawMind AI feature is a powerful and innovative tool that enables you to generate mind maps quickly and easily with just one click based on your input. With Edraw AI, you can save time and effort in creating mind maps.

To generate mind maps with Edraw AI, simply follow these steps:

  • Click the Edraw AI tab on the homepage.
  • edraw ai homepage button
  • Or, get access to the one-click mind mapping tool from the AI Mind Map Generation button under the AI tab.
  • ai mind map generation button
  • In the popup Edraw AI window, enter your command, e.g. "How to improve yourself quickly?" Then, click the One-click generation button.
  • edraw ai mind map creation
  • Edraw AI will analyze your input and generate a mind map that is tailored to your commands.
  • one click mind map result
  • In addition, you can initiate the One-click Mind Map process from the floating bar. Simply select any topic in the workspace and click the AI Intelligent Creation button in the floating bar. From there, choose the One-click Mind Map option in the drop-down menu.
  • one click mind map floating bar
  • Alternatively, you can access the One-click Mind Map tool by right clicking any topic in the workspace, and selecting AI Generated Content.
  • ai generated content button
  • In the popup menu, select One-click Mind Map. Then the mind map will be created by Edraw AI automatically.
  • right click one click mind map result