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Add/Delete Topics

To Insert Shortcut(s)
Main Idea (Central Topic) Add Automatically
Topic / Sibling Topic Enter
Topic before the selected topic Shift + Enter
Subtopic Insert or Ctrl + Enter
Parent Topic Shift + Insert
Floating Topic Alt + F
Multiple Topics Ctrl + Shift + M

To add main topics, you can

  • Press Enter key;
  • Click the floating button beside the Main Idea.
  • add main topic
  • Click Topic button on the Home tab.
  • Use Multiple Topics option.
  • add multiple topics

To add subtopics, you can select a main topic,

  • Press Insert or Ctrl + Enter;
  • Click the floating plus button;
  • Click Subtopic button on Home tab
  • Use Multiple Topics option.

To insert floating topics, you can:

  • Press Alt + F, put the cursor on where you want to add a floating topic and hit the left mouse.
  • Click Floating Topic button on Home tab and click on the canvas.

A Floating Topic is a standalone topic, which doesn’t have any connection with the body of the map structure.

To only delete the selected topic, you can

  1. Right-click the target topic.
  2. Choose Delete Selected Topic on the context menu or press Shift + Del.
  3. The selected topic will be deleted.
  4. The reserved subtopics will be promoted up one level.
delete selected topic

To delete the selected topic and its subtopics, you can right-click the selected topic and choose Delete on the context menu; or, press Del directly.