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Activate and Deactivate EdrawMind

Sign in EdrawMind

If you have subscribed to EdrawMind, you can click Sign In on the top right of the user interface and log in to your Edraw account. Then you can manage your account and work with EdrawMind.

How to Activate?

To get the full features of EdrawMind when you buy a license, you can activate the software and use the premium version. Run EdrawMind with computer administrator privilege and navigate to Help > Activate.

help tab

The Activation window will open, where you can enter your license name and valid license code. Then just click Activate button to finish the process.

To get a license or buy a subscription plan, please go to the product purchase page: https://www.edrawmind.com/pricing.html

How to Deactivate?

Deactivation is necessary if you want to activate Edraw programs in another computer. Simply go to Help tab and click Deactivate. Once you deactivate the software, EdrawMind on the first computer will turn into the unlicensed version, and you can activate it on another computer.

Note: Deactivation can only be done once every 30 days.