Differences Between WWI and WWII

Differences Between WWI and WWII
- United Kingdom
- Came into WWI because germany invaded
- Came into WWII because germany invaded
- won both times
- Austria
- WWI was an actual empire and lost,
- started WWI
- Was part of germany during WWII
- United States
- Started out neutral in both wars but still
sent aid to britian
- Joined WWII due to pearl harbor
- Joined WWI due to attacks by german subs
and zimmerman telegram
- Japan
- Part of the allies during WWI
- Sided with axis during WWII
- Nationalistic and built up military
- invaded around the pacific to start WWII
- France
- Got invaded in WWI and was able to hold
the line
- Got invaded in WWII and lost very quickly
- Germany
- Nationalistic
- WWI wanted land to compete with major
- Came into war due to a treaty with austria
- WWII wanted to get back what they lost
during WWI as well as be self sufficient
- Started WWII by invading poland
- Russia
- WWI was ruled by czar then got out of the
war during communist revolution
- WWII was ruled by communist control
- attempted to invade Germany to start war
in WW1
- Got invaded by Germany in WWII
- warfare
- ww1 very defensive and troops sat in trenches
- ww2 offensive mobile modern war. total war sides bombed civillians and whole countries
- economic climate
- ww1 economics were fine
- ww2 great depression caused people to seek a different ootion than the current government leading to the rise of hitler and other leaders
- Causes
- ww1 caused by small balkan countries fighting then more counteies getting involved and a willingness to fight
- ww2 caused by countries trying to grab land and attempting to expand their empires
- Both saw military build up by countries
prior to the war
- Political Climate
- Nationalism in Germany ww1 and ww2
- ww1 the allied countries waned to go to war ww2 very hesitant due to tradgedies of ww1
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