ULTRALEARNING - Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition, and Accelerate Your Career

Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition, and Accelerate Your Career
Principle #1 – Metalearning – Draw a map first
Principle #2 – Focus – Sharpen your knife
Principle #3 – Directness – Go straight ahead
Principle #4 – Drill – Attack your weakest point
Principle #5 – Retrieval – Test to learn
Principle #6 – Feedback – Don't dodge the punches
Principle #7 – Retention – Don't fill a leaky bucket
Principle #8 – Intuition – Dig deep first, then build up
Principle #9 – Experiment – Explore outside your comfort zone
Start any ultralearning project by learning what is the most effective way to learn the subject or acquire the skill you're after. Figure out how to learn efficiently.
Carve out chunks of time where you can concentrate and focus on what you're trying to learn consistently well.
Learn by doing the things you're trying to become good at. Don't trade hands-on experience for other more convenient alternatives.
Break complex skills into their component parts and then be ruthless about improving your weakest points. Master the component parts and then reassemble them.
Use the testing process to learn more as you go along. Always test yourself before you feel confident, and push yourself to recall information, not just review it.
Put aside your ego and look for the harshest feedback you can find. Extract the signal from the noise, and pay attention to what that feedback highlights you need to learn.
Be aware and understand what you're consistently forgetting, and do something about it. Learn to remember things not just for now but forever.
Play and explore to develop your intuition, and work to understand what you learn. Don't resort to memorization tricks but get to know your subject deeply.
Don't lose sight of the fact you can't become a true master of your subject by following the paths trodden by others. Explore possibilities others have not imagined.
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