How to Get Your Boss to Approve Anything You Want To Do
Step #1 – Do insane prep
Step #2 – Write an outrageous document
Step #3 – Get Approved
Step #4 – Deliver what you promised
The first step in getting your outrageous idea approved is to prepare as if your life depends on it. In a way, your professional life and future does depend on it, and you want to make good and sure you don't lose the decision because of a lack of preparation. Do massive amounts of prep work beforehand.
Put together a 10-12 page document which puts your outrageous idea down on paper. This succinct document will need to cover just five key sections:
1. The Foreword – where you factually describe the market and your organization
2. The Concept – a concise general overview of your outrageous idea
3. The Rationale – which details why you should apply your crazy idea
4. Problems – all the objections you can come up with and answers
5. Call For Approval – a specific timetable for approval and implementation
Once you've done your prep and prepared your documentation, you then schedule a meeting where you expect to get an immediate approval. The whole aim of this meeting is to make your boss feel comfortable about your idea, to minimize any dangers from his perspective, and to make it logical to proceed full-steam ahead.
The Outrageous Approval Tool works best if the crazy idea you're championing actually delivers what you say it will. Make sure you move heaven and earth to see that happen. Put your crazy idea out there and then get hustling to make it work. Overdeliver to move your career to the next level.