Chemistry Matriculation Semester1

Matriculation-Semester-1 chapter 1
Semester 1
Chemical reactions
- Describing chemical change
- Types of chemical reactions
- Reactions in aqueous solutions
Electrons in atoms
- Models of the atom
- Electron arrangement in atoms
Ionic bonding and ionic compounds
- Electron configuration in ionic bonding
- Ionic bonds
- Bonding in metals
Semester 2
Chemical quantities
- The mole: A measurement of matter
- Mole-Mass and Mole-Volume relationships
- Percent composition and chemical formulas
- The arithmetic of equations
- Chemical calculations
States of matter
- The nature of gases
- The nature of liquids
- The nature of solids
- Changes of state
- The properties of gases
- Factors affecting gas pressure
- The gas laws
- Ideal gases
- Gas molecules: mixtures and movements
Reaction rates and equilibrium
- Rates of reaction
- Reversible reactions and equilibrium
- Determining wether a reaction will occur
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