Meiosis Mind Map

Prophase 1
- cell grows and squooshes its chromatin like in mitosis but it also does "crossing over"
where the chomosomes move next
Metaphase 1
The chromosomes line up
down the middle in pairs instead of single and it is ready to split into two
Anaphase 1
Chromosomes don't split at
the centromeres in anaphase I, they separate
together into two diploid cells with telophase.
- In this stage the number of chromosomes are
reduced as one pair of chromosomese goes into another
Telophase 1
- Cell splits into two new diploid cells.
Telophase 2
- In telophase the
chromosomes unsquooshe
and form four new nuclei.
Anaphase 2
In anaphase the chromosomes split at their
Prophase 2
The cell grows and the
chromatin squooshe into chromosems and
loose the nuclear membrane.