Pretzel Syndrome
Malformed skeleton, brain, and other organs; also electrolyte imbalance
Polyhydramnios (an excess of amniotic fluid) of mothers seems like the leading cause of this disease
Progeria (accelerated aging)
Hutchinson Guildford Progeria (full name)
Accelerated Aging Effects
average life span is 13 years
Hayley Okines
Kallman's Syndrome (no puberty)
Lawrence Koomson
Jimmy Scott
defect that causes the pituitary gland and hypothalamus stopping sexual hormone production
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
sufferer's life expected to end in the early 20s
Stuart Wickison
Pituitary Giantism
Leonid Stepanovych Stadnyk
Robert Wadlow
Brenden Adams
7ft 12year old
Momo Syndrome
Archie Thompson
macrosomia, a combination of three conditions: obesity (excess weight), macrocephaly (large head) and ocular (of the eyes)
thought to be caused by incorrect collagen structure
Alex Connerty
only arms/legs are small; the torso is average sized
Danielle Griffin
Winged Cat
Double Muscle
Wendy the Incredible Whippet
myostatin-related hypertrophy
?Uberboy born in Germany
Speech Disorder
KE family
Foreign Language Syndrone
Split Brain
Lightning Man
Roy Cleveland Sullivan
Angelique Cottin
Jennie Morgan
Sedalia, Missouri
Caroline Clare
Inga Gaiduchenko
Liew Thow Lin
Allergic to Modern Technology
Debbie Bird
Strange Growths
Wire growths
Root Man
Dede Koswara
The Boy with a Tumor for a Face
Novemthree Siahaan
gigantiform cementoma
Proteus Syndrome
tumor-like growths of skin and bone appear as those with this grow
born without deformities
Elephant Man
Joseph Merrick
may have been caused by a combination of Neurofibromatosis (NF1) and Proteus Syndrome that affected his bones, skin and nervous system
lives in Bexhill-on-Sea with mum Tracy and dad Dean
9 years old
Four Ears
Yoda the Cat
Multiple Legs
6-legged Deer
Four-Legged Woman
Myrtle Corbin
Three Legged Man
George Lippert
had three legs and two hearts
The Man With Three Legs
Francesco Lentini
legs were of three different lengths
had an extra set of genitals
No Legs (Half-a-Body)
the Half-Man
Johnny Eck
RoseMarie (Rose) Siggins
Sacral Agenesis
deformed legs that were amputated by doctors at a young age
Limb Deficiency (No/Very Little Arms/Legs)
Alison Lapper; Painter
Dustin Carter; Wrestler
Sirenomelia - Mermaid Syndrome
Milagros Cerrón
born with legs fused together
genitals are obscured making gender identification hard
Inverted limbs
Pony Boy
Two Faces
Baby girl in the rural Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh
Edward Mordake "Poor Edward"
face on the back of the head
Chang Tzu Ping
The Two-Headed Boy of Bengal
head on top of other
No Face
Juliana Wetmore
born without several face bones (but technically still has a face)
Genetic Chimerism; having two sets of DNA
mothers can have children who DNA test to be NOT RELATED
Lydia Fairchild
Karen Keegan
True Hermaphroditism
born with genital parts of both sexes
Two Wombs
Claire Miles
born with two wombs, two cervixes and two vaginas
Girl with Eight Limbs
Lakshmi Tatma
Twin in Stomach
Sanju Bhagat
Two Boys with One Head
Len and Ernie
Handsome, Healthy, Happy Hindoo
Abigail and Brittany Hensel
appear as two heads on one body
control muscles and feel sensations on their side of their body above the torso
Maria de Jesus (Josie) and Maria Theresa (Teresita) Alvarez
joined at the head
Lori and Dori Schappel
Laleh and Ladan Bijani
Stone Baby
Zahra Aboutalib is the mother
baby remained in body when it's birth was stalled
baby remained in mother's body for 46 years
Mike the Headless Chicken
Lurch the Watusi Bull - Giant horns
Cutaneous Horn
Wang the Human Unicorn
"Unicorn" the one horned roe deer
nature preserve in Italy
Werewolf Syndrome
Werewolf Boy
Pruthviraj Patil
Abys DeJesus
Jesus Fajardo Manuel Aceves
Human-faced Koi Fish
Proprioceptive Dysfunction
Fish Odor Syndrome
Maple Syrup Urine Disease
suffer from maple syrup-smelling urine
also experience poor feeding, vomiting, hypotonia and neurological decline
if untreated, person will eventually get brain damage and die
Skin Condition
Skin Notepad
Huang Xiangji
artificial urticaria
Blue People of Kentucky
Blaschko's lines
Harlequin Ichthyosis (Harlequin Babies)
skin grows faster than normal
body eventually becomes encased within an 'armor' of skin
Lucy Betts
Constant Bleeding
Twinkle Dwivedi
clotting disorder
Daniel Paul Tammet
Savant that isn't debilitated
The Incredible Brain
Orlando Serrell
George Widener
Kim Peek
original "Rain Man" that inspired the movie
Derek Paravicini
associating numbers/letter and colors
Eidetic memory
can accurately recall images, sounds, or objects from memory
Perfect Memory
can remeber any time in the past as if it were recent
stronger than Eidetic memory
"7 second" Memory
Clive Wearing
cannot form new memories nor recall past memories
retains only implicit memory (speech, skills, feelings for people, etc)
happened suddenly (i.e. no dramatic accident); a virus (cold sore virus) crossed over into his brain
Hemispherectomy (life with only Half a Brain)
Cameron Mott
if brain half is removed early enough, brain can rewire itself to regain full control of body
5 year old mother
Lina Medina
Daniel Browning Smith
Unsatible Urge to Write/Paint/Express
Tommy McHugh
Unusual Apitite
Mister Eat-it-All
Michel Lotito
Can only stomach Tic Tacs
Natalie Cooper
Urge to eat non-edible items
Prader Willi Syndrome
constant hunger
Rebecca Medley
stronger tasting ability possibly due to extra fungiform papillae
can taste bitterness where normal people can't
King Tooth
Rathakrishnan Velu
Persistent Insomnia
Thai Ngoc
Rhett Lamb
Jumping frenchman disorder
Kay Underwood
strong emotion causes dramatic weakening of muscles
Waking from YEARS of Coma (a real-life Rip Van Winkle)
Terry Wallis
Pain Unsensitivity
The Torture King
Tim Cridland
Cold Unsensitivty
Wim Hof
Lung Capacity (Deep Diving Ability)
Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome
Sarah Carmen
Michelle Thompson
Lipodystrophy (rapidy body fat usage)
Mr Perry
Allergic to Clean Water
Ashleigh Morris
Aquagenic Urticaria
Ipex Syndrome
immune system won't shut off
body attacks itself
Toby Ellis
Uncured Hiccups
Chris Sands
Dystonia (uncured cramping & twitching)
some sufferers get cramps of the throat limiting/preventing speech
some sufferers' eyes uncontrollably blink or remain shut
Tourette's Syndrome
unvoluntary twitches, tics, and verbal outbursts
unvoluntary swearing
Xeroderma Pigmentosum
no UV damage recovery
must stay out of sun to live
Abby Perkins-Banks
Alien hand syndrome
Moebius Syndrome
lack of certain facial muscles
cannot smile , frown, or exhibit many other facial expressions
often sleep with opened eyes
cannot move eyes to the side
Routine Eye Swell/Shuting
Natalie Adler
+/- Color Vision
Tetrachromacy (Super Color Vision)
Color Blindness
brain damage
Color blindness caused by BRAIN DAMAGE
Cerebral achromatopsia
Colorblind Painter
Jonathan I.
Crossed Eyes
Uncontrollable blinking
+/- Fingers/Toes
Webbed Toe
baby boy from Leizhou, Guangdong 16 toes
"dragon girl" 12 fingers/toes
Lobster Claw Syndrome
Ostrich People of Zimbabwe
Zip the Pinhead
Cone Head
Crouzon's Syndrome
skull fuses together and refuses to grow anymore; brain must grow in a new direction
Petero Byakatonda
True Human Tail
Survived Rabies
rabies is 100% lethal
Jeanna Giese
put under coma close to death for several days so that body could build antibody response
Milwaukee Protocol
Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progessiva
Luciana Wulkan
muscles gradually turn to bone
sufferers are eventually frozen in place
(if they are lucky, they can chose to spend the rest of their life sitting or standing)
organs eventually fail with the weight of the extra bone
Butterfly Girl (Butterfly Children)
Epidermolysis Bullosa
Adana Forsyth
skin and internal linings blister and peel at slightest touch
Immortal Cells
cells from Henrietta Lacks
cells divide indefinitely (thus never affected by age)