British Colonization in Malaysia

Development of Malay schools
British colonial Government enforced
the Compulsory Education Act:
Compulsory for parents to send their
children to school
Otherwise, they'll be fined
British appealed to the Malay leaders to
encourage parents to register their
children for schooling
Due to good response, more Malay
schools were built
However, due to small number of Malay
parents who willing to send their
daughters to school thus took longer
time to set up schools for girls
Primary & Secondary Education
Malays were given 6 years of basic
education to achieving these objectives:
Provide arithmetic skills for the
males to start small businesses
upon completion of their edu
Promote awareness regarding the
importance of moral values
Ensure the proficiency of
children of the royal family
in the English language
Indians same basic education
After complete their schools
employed as labourers in the
rubber estates and railway
Chinese autonomy of setting up their
own schools and designing their
curriculum + employing teachers + text
books from China
It was not the British Colonial
Government's responsibility to
provide education for the citizens
of this country. (Resident General
of the Federation of Malay
States Report, 1901)
Education act 1996
To outline the legislation related to
3 general legislative provisions:
The consolidation of the national
education system to include the following
All level of schooling, from preschool
until tertiary education;
National education policy
To produce a united bangsa Malaysia
To offer equal educational opportunities
for all Malaysia citizens
To provide a competent work force to
meet the needs of growing nation
Compulsory education
Compulsory for parents to send
children to school
Duration of compulsory schooling is 6
Various ethnic groups to have equals
access to education
Rights of children with poverty are
Chinese schools
Founding & funding
Responsibility of the Chinese community
Expenditure for building businessmen &
Chinese leaders
Teachers brought from China
System based totally from China
Used Chinese dialects
Chinese revolution 1911
Chinese Government paying attention to
Chinese education abroad
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