Hindu Top 10 Questions (original)

Hindu Top 10 Questions (original)
#10 What about caste and untouchability
explain two systems with Hindu society
Role of untouchables
Comparison to US civil rights
Explain Social Stratification
Explain Racial/Class discrimination
#9 Are the Gods married?
Explain God and God’s energy
Explain the oneness of God
What is the purpose of stories?
Define Puranas
discuss blending of feminine and masculine
Siva Shakti
#8 Why do many Hindus wear a dot on their
mystical meaning
what does it remind people of ?
red bindi and black bindi
give material dimensions from other religions
#7 Do Hindus have a bible?
What is the name of the Hindu holy book?
What are the 4 books of the the Vedas?
How old? language?
How are the Vedas used?
Explain the the 4 sections?
What are the Aranyakas and Upanishads
Provide a few quotes
#6 Are Hindus forbidden to eat meat?
explain “commandments” in Hinduism
explain the role of geography
explain priests and religious leaders. .
explain soldiers and law enforcement
explain yoga/meditation and vegetarianism
explain ahisma
give examples from Hindu scripture supporting
#5 Are Hindus Idol Worshippers?
explain analogy of images, icons, etc. and
define satguru
define yoga
what is a yantra?
explain going beyond form and symbol
how are symbols preparation?
explain how other religions have material
#4: Hindus and Cow
Do Hindus worship the cow?
Hindus and living creatures
What does the cow symbolize?
What virtues does veneration instill?
What does the cow give?
Gandhi quote on animals
Gopashtama festival
Cow and Ahisma
Quote from Rig Veda
#3: What is Karma
Define Karma
What is the cause of suffering?
What do the Vedas say about goodness and
Explain Karma and energy
Give examples of Karma
#2: Do Hindus believe in reincarnation?
define carnate and reincarnate
explain Hindu idea of the soul
define moksha
what other groups believe in reincarnation?
explain what happens at death
explain the elementary school analogy
explain our real purpose in life
#1: Why does Hinduism have so many Gods?
explain the idea of one supreme being in
Name the four principal hindu denominations and the associated
God or Goddess
Explain the tolerance in Hinduism. Where
does it come from?
Where does the Hindu see God?
What is the goal of Hindu spirituality?
explain monotheistic and henotheistic
explain the role of the many Gods
explain the “freedom” within Hinduism