Communism for AP Language

Communism for AP Language
Paper Notes
Two Column Design
Illuminated Quote at the top
of the first page
Comparing HUAC to Hitler's
book burning
Illuminated Quotes within
Clever McCarthy Quotes
Paper Outline
Introduction: In the "war" on Communism and Un
Americanism, like all ideological wars, rhetoric played a
principal part in the various fronts of the First and Second
Red Scare in the first half of the 20th century.
Bolshevik Revolution and
Propaganda for both sides
Conclusion: something vaguely political
about the war on terror and
Nationalism after the war
Dies Committee and Soviet Spies
Brief history of WWII
Communist Parties
Two formed in 1900s
eventually merged
Communist Party of USA
Communist Workers Party of USA
Support for Spanish Civil War
As Anti-Fascism against
Francisco Franco
Really in support of Communist
satellite state
Gained members with
Anti-Fascism platform
Lost members with Palmer Raids
Lost more members with
Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
Joe McCarthy
Jumped on the
Anti-Communism Bandwagon
for Political Fame
The real Communists were
already gone
Had major media support
Relied on it
When he lost media attention
he went downhill
Died in 1957 of alcohol related illness
Senate censured him in 1956
Used Korean War to support himself
"the boys dying" because of N.
Korean Communism
Quote This
Also 1949 Mao Zedong CCP
Previously a divorce judge
character assasinator
Anybody who was against him
he called a Communist
Ordered investigation of the CIA
J Edgar Hoover of the FBI helped
him root out Communism and
World War II
Soviet-Nazi Nonagression Pact
Kills support of Communist Party
Allied powers of USSR and US
Many spies infiltrate government
Lend-Lease to Russia
FDR "Soft on Communism"
Dies Committee
Politically against the New Deal
Investigated the Federal
Theater Project
Martin Dies Jr and Samuel Dickstein
The Great Depression
Federal One Programs
Apparently full of Communists
Accused of leftist slant in its plays
Writer's Guidbooks also
Works Progress Administration
was a New Deal Program
The New Deal created support
for communists
50,000 members of CPUSA in 1939
Congress of Industrial Organizations
Communist Infiltrated
Soviet spies in front groups
Second Red Scare
Elizabeth Bentley named 40
spies in the government
Alger Hiss convicted of perjury
First Red Scare
Committee on Public Information
Made WWI Propaganda
Also democratic Russian propaganda
Occurred during/after WWI
Anarchist Bombings
mostly failed bombings by
anarchists caused First
Red Scare
1917 Espionage Act
made it illegal to interfere
with the success of the US at
1918 Sedition Act
made disloyalty to the U.S a crime.
repealed in 1920
Palmer Raids
Attorney General Mitchell Palmer
under authority of Sedition Act
FBI under J. Edgar Hoover
collected names legally and
illegally for Palmer
over 6000 arrested
IWW wobblies mostly taken out
Communist Party USA
membership reduced 80% due
to fear
Palmer predicted May 20th
1920 uprising that didn't
shot his credibility
"An assassin may have brilliant intellectuality, he may
be able to excuse his murder or robbery with fine
oratory, but any theory which excuses crime is not
wanted in America." --source linked
Bolshevik Revolution
America Supported
Provisional Government
Soviets won in October
"Ten Days that shook the
world" John Reed
Lincoln Steffens "I have
seen the future and it