How to Measure a Force?
- Using Force-Metres
- Eg. Spring Balence
What are Forces?
- A push or a pull
- stretching, squeezing, twisting,
bending and lifting
- Exerted when one object
interacts with another
- The ability to do work
- capacity to do work or cause physical change
Effects of Forces
- Stationery State
- Size
- Speed
- Direction of Object
- Shape
Types of Forces
- Frictional Force
- created when two surfaces move
- the force between 2 things that stops them from moving.
- Magnetic Force
- A magnet can attract objects
made of iron and steel.
- Gravitational Force
- the force the Earth exerts on you
- gravitational force equals your weight
How to Calculate Pressure?
- Force divide by area
What is Pressure?
- amount of force applied to an area
- increases when force increases
- SI Unit is Pa (pascal)
- Force per unit area
How to increase Pressure?
- reduce area of object