Chapter 1: HRM in tourism and hospitality: Introduction
Best practice in tourism and
The extent to which hotels have
experimented with new approaches to
The factors that influence HRM
decision-making and whether these factors
are any different in the hotel industry
compared to elsewhere
The relationship between HRM and
performance in the hotel industry
Pessimistic views of HRM in
tourism and hospitality
Tourism and hospitality has often struggled
with negative perceptions about
employment practices and conditions.
The key determining factor for HRM
policies and practices in tourism
and hospitality
The general attitude of employers
and particularly the extent to which they
are willing to recognize the extent of the
HRM problem in the sector
The most glaring of issues is long standing
and can also be seen in relation to things
like a degree of hostility and opposition
from the employers associations in the
What is HRM?
Definition of HRM (10 definitions)
Hard and soft HRM ( Different approaches)
The hard version is seen to
be an instrumental and economically
rational approach to human resource
The soft version is seen to be much more
about adopting a humanistic and
developmental approach to human
Best fit vs Best practice
Best fit
Innovation strategy
Quality enhancement strategy
Cost reduction strategy
Best practice
Recruitment and selection
Training and development
Rewarding quality
Job security
Employee involvement and employee
What are the tourism and
hospitality industries?
Sector Skills Council (SCC)
14 sub sectors (People 1st, 2016)
Baum's 1997 : 97-98