Becoming a Designer - Why and How

Becoming a Designer - Why and How
To identify what I can do alone, and what I can do with others
Needs-based resilience
freedom - how you participate in mainstream culture
lessen fear for survival
increased 'value' to communities
Personal Growth
To bring a deeper sense of meaning and purpose into your life
To expand your sphere of influence
For your ALLIES
Empowering others
Demonstrate alternatives
For the liberation of yourself, your allies and human
contradict that the mainstream is inevitable
For life on the planet
To restore ecological systems in the face of climate change and peak oil
Small adjustments now could make big ones down the road
For making a living
Fills a great need in society, therefore has value
Ethical Framework of Permaculture
3 PC Ethics
Earth care
People care
Fair share
Beware: The Invisible Obvious
So familiar, you don't sistematize
To communicate to 'outsiders' it's important to codify into a system
The 10 cycle rule
It takes 10 cycles to feel competent
Ecosocial design
Expands on PC Design
More holistic: Ensures the social/emotional/economic dimensions are not left behind
Also referred to as Integral Permaculture or Permaculture +++
= Ecological restoration + Social Justice
Design is highly valued today
Even in corporate world = important opportunities
Example: Human Centered Design from IDEO
Design Thinking, etc
My additions in GREEN