App Release Notes

Version 5.1
Release Notes
New Features
Image topics
Over 40 stock images
Like this one
Import and export from and to desktop apps
Extract and Save imported images for future use
Import images from camera roll (and camera if present)
Paste images from clipboard
Resize images
Configurable text attributes
Configurable (maximum) topic width
Sort maps by name or date
Hyperlink topics
Pre-populating the email subject and body
Other maps
Complete with back button navigation
Press me to open help
Send To App
Send maps directly to other apps - for example, send a PDF to iBooks or GoodReader
iMindmap5 support
Biggerplate Integration Integration
Layout issue when importing
Ensure map always visible on load
New drawing logic - with increased clarity
Improved layout logic
Improved triple space/enter logic
Also works on root topics
Insert new level below option
Create map based on selection pulls in map attributes (canvas style etc.)
New map creation option - folder structure
Creates an index map with hyperlink topics
New file format (itmz) required for image support
Now possible to move the root topic
Open .txt files containing TAB or 4xSPACE indented text files
Integrates with Freemind time management module (Due Date)
TextExpander now supported everywhere
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iThoughtsHD for the iPad.
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A 'Press' is longer than a 'tap' but shorter than a 'long press' (approximately half a second.) Press it like you press the Home button
Press and hold one of the 'new topic' toolbar buttons and the option to create a new child level is presented. This will insert a new 'generation' between the currently selected topic and its immediate children.
There is a new 'native' iThoughts file format (itmz) This is just an itm file zipped up along with any images.
Download maps from
Upload and download maps to and from
This is the maximum width of the topic before the text is wrapped.
Drag the pointy finger downwards to increase the font size and to the left or right to adjust the topic width
For example, press and hold an image on a web page in Safari then select Copy. open iThoughts and select paste...