Design and Worldviews

Design and Worldviews
(wv of wv)
Permaculture Worldview:
Constructivist Engagement
actively creating v.s
protesting against
Subtopic 1
humans as inseperable from nature
and everything is connected
understandings, principles come these
a constructive tool for bringing a worldview (ecosocial/
regenerative future) into a closer future
pieces of culture that make up a WV
WorldView Literacy
ability to explore WV terrain systematically and
to make better sense of it.
Key Advantages to this Literacy
Understanding Processes
ability to construct ways of developing
a WV consciously and intentionally
Dominance and Submission
of WVs
turn up or down WV in society:
give voice/application to WV of interest
Analyze Coherence
contriditction? consistencies?
Check for completeness
fill in gaps? all pieces present?
Evaluate for Compatibility
bringing in other players to form
Epistemic community. integrate other subcultures
Seek Unconscious Pieces
Patrix involved?
WV Defined: beliefs, attitudes, principles that form a complex lens through which we make sense of the world and our actions in it.
Patriarchal Matrix of Oppressions
Civilization? Empire?
Goal is to severely distort reality so large parts of human cultures are addicted to ecodestruction and social injustice