UML Diagram

UML Diagram
Structure Diagrams
Class Diagram
Use classes to visualize system relationship
Object Diagram
Show the view of structure at specific time
Package Diagram
Depict the dependencies between packages
Composite Structure Diagram
Show the internal structure of a class
Component Diagram
Illustrate how components to form software system
Deployment Diagram
Show how different parts are connected in a software system
Profile Diagram
Depict custom stereotypes as packages
Behavior Diagrams
Use Case Diagram
Show the users’ interactions with software system
Activity Diagram
Define organizational and computational process
State Diagram
Visualize the behaviour of system
Interaction Diagrams
Sequence Diagram
Show objects interactions organized in time sequence
Communication Diagram
Depict the interactions between objects in form of sequenced message
Timing Diagram
Visualize the behaviour of objects in a specific time
Interaction Overview Diagram
Show the sequence of activities, same as activity diagram