International Trade Diaputes

"Strategic Mutual Doubt"
The real opponent of the United States is not China, but the global supply chain
International Trade Disputes?
Sino-US strategic mutual doubt
China-US trade changes
Several ups and downs in Sino-US trade
Chinese International Political Scholar Wang Jisi
Li Kan
build our relationship
Both parties do not trust the other party’s ultimate intentions. Both parties believe that the other party’s long-term goal is to cost our side’s core interests.
(Relations between modern aggression and being invaded, colonization and being colonized)
Ally relations during World War II
Hostile relations during the Cold War
70 years ago
After the 70s, improved
After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the ‘post-cold war dividend’
Now: strategic mutual doubt
Sino-US relations
The Sino-US trade war is a branch
Sino-US relations are the backbone
There has been a turning point in Sino-US relations, and there has been a "trust deficit"
Supply chain development stage
Early-rising technology-driven: Internet technology deepens the international division of labor, and division of labor extends the supply chain
Then economic drive: set aside political differences and get rich
Now driven by trust: the global supply chain is the mutual trust network
Evolution of the world
In 2005, Thomas Friedman: "The World Is Flat"
In 2019, Thomas Friedman: The world has become "deeper"
Sino-US trade evolution
In the past, "shallow" trade was controllable, and there was no dialogue between traded goods
Now, "deep" trade, interaction between traded goods, and security trust issues
Technology is irreversible: once a technology breaks through, it cannot be reversed
Economic interests are hard to shake: the roots of economic interests will be deeply rooted and cannot easily be shaken
Trust is fragile: trust will change repeatedly and flutter with the wind
Goal: International political game, not to let other countries love you, but to let other countries have accurate expectations of your behavior
Definition: When globalization ebbs, domestic policies are more important than international policies
Not drawing the ground into a prison×
Instead, open the door on the wall and ensure that the door is open every day √
Enhance the sense of security, the stronger and taller the wall, the more assured
There is no need to have a wall inside the wall, the wall inside the wall is an obstacle
Repair walls and open doors
Sweep obstacles inside
How about the coming aging society of the camp?
How to solve the problem of "difficult to go to school and difficult to see a doctor"?
How to improve the level of basic research?
How to narrow the gap between rich and poor?
How to improve social mobility?
How to talk to young people?
How to form a new cohesion?
How to establish a dialogue/exchange/check and balance mechanism?
The relationship between China and the United States will never go back, and the Sino-US trade war may continue throughout the 2020s.
See international relations and interpersonal relations with a developing, changing and dynamic perspective
"Mending wall thinking" when the environment is not good, you have to work hard, and when the economy is down, you have to study harder