Classic Management Rules for Fortune 500 Companies

Classic Management Rules for Fortune 500 Companies
Incentive Law
Staff Rules
Team Building
Prisoner's dilemma
The prisoner's dilemma is a representative example of non-zero-sum games in game theory, reflecting that the best choice of individuals is not the best choice of groups.
Law of Wine and Sewage
Pour a spoonful of wine into a barrel of sewage, and you get a barrel of sewage; pour a spoonful of sewage into a barrel of wine, and you get a barrel of sewage.
Zero-sum game principle
A concept of game theory is a non-cooperative game, which refers to the two parties participating in the game. Under strict competition, the gains of one party inevitably mean the losses of the other party. The sum of the gains and losses of all parties in the game is always "zero".
Rebauf's Law
Know yourself and respect others.
Washington Law of Cooperation
One person is perfunctory, two people shirk each other, and three people will never get anything done.
Steel's Law
Cooperation is the foundation of the prosperity of all groups.
Kelly Law
The success of an enterprise depends on the team, not on the individual.
Schroy's Theorem
Only by working hard from top to bottom can the expected results be achieved.
The Law of Great Success
Great success depends on the team, small success depends on the individual.
Dixon's Law
There is friction to make progress.
Jobs Law
I would rather have one Zhuge Liang than three heads.
Talent and Profit Law
Talent is the most profitable commodity, and the company that can manage talent is the ultimate winner.
Rules for getting on and off
Please get the right person in the car, and get off the wrong person.
Ogilvie Law
Everyone hires someone stronger than ourselves, and we can become a giant company. If the people you use are worse than you, then they can only do things worse than you.
Welch Principle
The most suitable candidate is the best candidate.
Face effect
The truth is not based on impressions, and it is hard to take it for granted to seek nature.
Beauty is good
For a handsome and beautiful person, it is easy to mistake him or her for other aspects.
Button Principle
Only those who can not only do things well by themselves, but also enable others to do things well, deserve to be leaders.
Wellers theorem
Many companies are on the road to destruction in the hands of professionals with only a single aspect. For enterprises, emphasizing too much on a certain ideal state can only be counterproductive, and should establish a view of compound talents with expertise and multiple capabilities.
Primordial effect
The primacy effect means that the first impression left by people in interpersonal communication is very important and has a great influence on the formation of impressions.
Projection effect
Projection effect refers to the perception that oneself has certain characteristics and others must have the same characteristics as oneself, and a cognitive obstacle that projects one's own feelings, will, and characteristics onto others and imposes them on others.
Halo effect
Refers to the subjective impression formed in interpersonal perception that is general or partial.
Dulac Law
Suggestions for companies thinking about mergers and acquisitions activities.
Pierre Cardin theorem
In terms of employment, one plus one is not equal to two, or it may equal zero.
Horsefly effect
No matter how lazy a horse is, as long as it is bitten by a horsefly, it will be full of energy and run fast.
Tremer Law
There are no useless people, only those who can't use people.
Macpherson Principle
Leave the company to those who actually manage it.
Panasonic Judgment
Smart leaders should learn to discover the advantages of talents, make the best use of their talents and try to avoid wasting talents.
Weiss' Theorem
Trust a trustworthy person, and you can often get maximum security.
Deprey's Theorem
People need work because they want the opportunity to play freely.
Gresham's Law
When two currencies with different actual values ​​but the same nominal value circulate at the same time, the currency with higher actual value, that is, good currency, will inevitably withdraw from circulation—they are collected, melted or exported abroad; currency with lower actual value is considered bad Coins flood the market. People call it Gresham's law, also known as the law of bad money driving out good money.
Iacocca Employment Rules
Discover those who can serve as top managers. They are people who are eager to work and work hard. These people always want to do more than others expect him, and they always help others to do their jobs well.
Matthew effect
Because if there is something, it will be added to him so that he has more. No, even what he has will be taken.
Daiei Principle
The biggest issue for the survival of an enterprise is to cultivate talents.
Giegler's Theorem
Setting a high goal is equivalent to reaching part of the goal.
Dog Mastiff Effect
For enterprises to survive in the competition, the predicament is a school that creates the strong.
Brock Law
Following one of the most capable and powerful supervisors will enable you to realize your ideals more quickly and grasp more opportunities.
Flooding effect
Just want to come naturally, and will let it go.
Maslow's Theorem
What kind of person a person can be, he must become that kind of person.
Activation effect
Stimulating vitality can tap potential, and exerting potential can enhance vitality.
Baynes Theorem
Staff training is a strategic investment with the least risk and the greatest return for an enterprise.
Rejuvenation effect
Restore the original good characteristics of the variety and improve its vitality.
White's Law
The awe of others is for you personally, not for your position. Awe comes from contribution to the company
Lancedon Principle
Forgiving others' mistakes and making him feel ashamed makes him feel that he has committed a great mistake. Be ashamed of loyalty
Toled's Theorem
It is inevitable that when subordinates collide with oneself and show disrespect to oneself, they neither punish nor express their opinions, pretending to be confused
Luvis Theorem
We must handle and grasp the yardstick of humility to ourselves, and learn with humility if we don’t understand or don’t understand enough.
Pierce Theorem
There are people who succeed in order to maintain long-term vitality.
Edward theorem
If senior executives cannot trust each other, any collective leadership will not be effective
Creech theorem
Take on greater responsibilities and have the courage to stand up and take up the pressure alone when risks or crises come.
Terry Law
The more timely a mistake is admitted, the easier it will be to correct and remedy it.
Beeren's Law
Failure does not mean nothing, at least, we can summarize the reasons for the failure!
Fayol Principle
Wherever power is exercised, there is responsibility
Management Communication Theory
Stimulate employees to express their opinions and discussions, gather experience and knowledge, and build team consensus.
Shapiro Law
"Listening" is the key to communication and an important quality that a successful manager should possess.
Walton's Law
Realize good communication through information sharing and responsibility sharing.
Wilder thesis
Half of what I said was listening. You must first understand what the fish wants to eat.
Communication infinity
Language allows us to reach consensus.
Distortion effect
This is especially true for communication in management. To face different audiences, different communication and expression methods need to be applied.
Steiner theorem
Only those who listen to others well can speak their own words better.
Badbar Theorem
Timely control the desire to manage "nosy", so that subordinates have more opportunities to participate and play space.
Fesno's Theorem
If you talk too much, what you say will become an obstacle to doing. Listening in the enterprise is the basis of communication between managers and employees.
Wilder's Theorem
Interpersonal communication starts with listening and finally answers. Half of what I said was listening.
Goodman's Theorem
When you can understand, silence is better than a thousand words.
Brown's Law
Finding a heart lock is a good start to communication. Know what others care about most, and the wishes of others will be in your grasp.
George's Theorem
Effective and appropriate exchanges of opinions will have a beneficial and positive impact on the organization's climate and productivity.
Grievance effect
Venting dissatisfaction at work is very beneficial to people's physical and mental development and improvement of work efficiency.
Always staring at the mistakes of subordinates is the biggest mistake of a leader.
Overstood Principle
When persuading someone, it’s really important to let him not object at the beginning.
Goode Law
Successful communication depends on accurately grasping the views of others
Burns Law
The more subordinates feel that they are capable and efficient at work, the less they want to order and direct when completing their work.
Troy thesis
Improper intervention will surely become interference.
Yazawa Law
Everyone wants to be their own master, rather than being driven by others. The more assertive people are, the more they want to be their own masters.
Du Jia's Law
Good metaphors are self-evident; can ask, and respond to requests.
Hedgehog Law
An excellent leader and manager must "the sparse one keeps the secret, the secret one keeps the secret".
Hengshan Law
Spontaneousness is the most effective and motivate employees to work spontaneously.
Dylando's Law
Put the "ugly words" at the forefront and give yourself and others face.
Pilot effect
Push in the test, push can be solid test; push in the middle test, test can help.
Jomini's argument
Retreat is a concentrated expression of defensive capabilities.
Authority suggestion effect
"People speak lightly, but speak more seriously."
Staple's Theorem
A successful corporate leader is not only a master of authorization, but also a master of control.
Piat Law
People who can use the wisdom of others to accomplish their own work are great.
Goodison's Theorem
Management is the art of letting others work.
Covey Theorem
Authorization and trust are effective ways of authorization.
Robb's Theorem
Let responsibility control employees.
Byron's Law
Don't use it for suspects, don't use it.
Cleveland Law
The most wise leader enables his subordinates to lead themselves.
Exception principle
The leader delegates routine and process work to his subordinates, and he concentrates on handling exceptions
Bliss Principle
When you authorize, entrust the whole thing to the other party, and give him enough power to make the necessary decisions.
Walson's Law
How much you can get often depends on how much you can know.
Weival's Theorem
The longer the delay between information and feedback, the more likely it is to confuse the other party.
Taber's argument
The number is dead, the situation is alive.
Obama's Law
Any decision must be based on a comprehensive understanding of the facts of the decision.
Tunnel vision effect
One must not lack foresight and insight, and have a broad field of vision to see far.
Cartier theorem
If there is only one way to go, then this way is often a dead end.
Volpa Theorem
Without standing on the facts, any conclusion is untenable.
Wescott's Theorem
To taste the real taste, you must use your own tongue.
Sublimation effect
Knowledge is the accumulation of common sense, and experience is the sublimation of experience.
Rogers thesis
Just want to go with the flow, it is hard to have an ideal. You can become the master of your own destiny if you are prepared for danger in times of peace.
Costa Theorem
The best way to predict the future is to create the future now
Gertis Principle
Even if the prediction of the future cannot be completely correct, "foresight" is still the key to a company's success or failure.
Band's Theorem
Seafarers who cannot discern directions cannot find a way down the wind. Look at the wind to make the rudder stable, and sail lightly along the river.
16:1 rule
A broken vase can be restored in its entirety with a fragment.
Bols Theorem
To have vision, first open your eyes; if you want to be bold, first practice courage
Locke's Law
When the goal is both future-oriented and challenging, it is the most effective. The principle of the "basketball hoop": Jump for a jump, the target you can reach is a good target.
Buffy's Law
Following the footsteps of others will only reap the consequences.
Target displacement effect
Too much indulge in the methods and techniques to achieve the goal will often overlook the goal itself.
Nelson Principle
Little things can't be underestimated, the details are charming.
Thomplin's Theorem
There must be a goal to be accomplished before the individuals can be assembled as a collective to do things.
Gutley's Theorem
The previous goal is the foundation of the next goal, and the next goal is the continuation of the previous goal.
Faith Law
Make strategic decisions, and don’t throw away the first one until you get the second one.
Giegler's Theorem
Setting a high goal is equivalent to reaching part of the goal.
Khali law
Strategically, the long circuitous road is often the shortest way to reach the goal.
Pidgeton Theorem
Only when there is a goal, there will be a direction, and there will be motivation to move forward.
Luyn's Theorem
Continuously and excessively pursuing work goals may undermine the cohesion and efficiency of group actions.
Frost Law
The boundaries are clarified at the beginning, and in the end, things will not go beyond the boundaries.
Arbitrage effect
When considering problems, we must learn to make overall plans and properly handle various contradictions in order to obtain the most reasonable benefits.
Bliss theorem
If you spend more time planning ahead for a job, the total time spent doing this job will be reduced.
Levin's Theorem
Those who hesitate to make a plan are usually because they are not sure of their own abilities.
Bennis's First Law
Non-routine work postponed daily work and killed all plans and basic changes.
Gilbert Law
The most conclusive signal of a job crisis is that no one tells you what to do.
Polk Theorem
Only in arguing can the best idea and the best decision be born.
Fisher Law
Think before you speak or act.
Dabel's Law
Democracy is the trend of modern management, but if everything requires democracy, the effect is not good.
Kim's Theorem
Excellent people tend to have their own opinions, while mediocre people tend to follow the opinions of others.
Fermentation effect
The exchange of different ideas is a catalyst for the best ideas.
Day's Law
Only when people are directly involved in specific decision-making can they be said to have power.
Walson thesis
Put information and intelligence first, and money will roll in.
Tobin Law
If inflation has a positive effect on actual output, it is considered that there is a "Tobin effect" in the economy.
Kidov Theorem
Even if the best ideas are not presented at the right time, they will be wiped out.
Robert Theorem
If you don't defeat yourself, no one can defeat you.
Decision rationality rule
The rationality of decision-making is to choose appropriate alternative behaviors under a certain value system that can evaluate the results of actions.
On Wang An
Hesitation can certainly avoid some opportunities for doing wrong, but it also loses opportunities for success.
Purcell Law
Too much thinking can hinder quick action.
Rand's Law
Of every 100 large companies that go bankrupt in the world, 85% are caused by the inadvertent decisions of their managers.
Game theory
Game theory is a mathematical theory and method for studying whether the parties involved in the game have the most reasonable behavior plan, and how to find this reasonable behavior plan.
Waterman Law
Attention is everything.
Maycock Law
Management is a serious love.
Watson's Law
As far as business performance is concerned, the business thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and business goals of a business are far more important than technical resources, business structure, inventions, and random decisions.
Li Ka-shing's argument
It is the employees that feed the company.
Locke Advice
Without effective supervision, there will be no satisfactory job performance. Wise managers will use the sword of supervision to motivate employees to engage in work with a sense of urgency and enthusiasm.
Hot furnace rule
Everyone is equal before the rules and regulations.
Mushroom law
Mushroom management is a temporary management method in a special state. The manager must grasp the opportunity and degree, and the managed must sincerely understand it and benefit from early experience.
Sun Zhengyi's Thesis
Third-rate ideas plus first-rate execution will always be better than first-rate ideas plus third-rate execution.
Grace theorem
Outstanding strategy must be combined with outstanding execution to be effective.
Entrainment effect
After raining or watering, the upper and lower wet soil is connected, and the moisture in the soil can meet the needs of crops to emerge or grow.
Diss advice
Yesterday was a voided check, and tomorrow is a promissory note that has not yet been cashed. Only today is cash and has circulating value.
The law of responsibility shirk
It is the instinct of animals to shirk responsibility, but there must be animals to bear responsibility for this, and those who bear the responsibility are often those who know nothing about this situation.
Sartre's Law
In practice, there will be better solutions to everything.
Walker's Theorem
There is only a thin line between complete practicality and paranoia.
Aggressive phenomenon
Surpassing what should not be surpassed is easier to fall behind.
Hill Theorem
Half of the order comes from subordinates, and half of the execution comes from superiors.
Brown's Theorem
There is no freedom without a clear scope of freedom.
Kipling advice
If you don't understand what failure is, then your understanding of success is one-sided.
Schwartz's Thesis
All bad things will truly become unfortunate events only when we think they are bad.
Geely Theorem
Tolerating failure is an extremely positive thing that people can learn and use.
Bubble effect
On the surface, it seems that the momentum or scale is very large, but it collapses when it encounters shock or stimulation.
Bell effect
Success is not as difficult as imagined. Sometimes all he needs is your courage, which is what most people lack.
Boiling effect
In success psychology, people call the essential change phenomenon caused by key factors the boiling effect.
Berlin law
The biggest obstacle to success is continuous success. After continuous success, people often think that they are omnipotent. In other words, for the success of the next step, the success of the previous step often appears as an inertia trap.
Hurdle Law
That is, a person's achievement often depends on the degree of difficulty he encounters.
Dugan's Law
The strong are not necessarily the victors, but sooner or later the victory belongs to the confident. If you only accept the best, what you end up with is often the best, as long as you are confident.
PMA success rule
The key to a person's success lies in his mentality.
May Convention
Only by stimulating motivation from the nature of human behavior can efficiency be improved.
Alforste Principle
If you can arouse an urgent need in the hearts of others, and can guide this need, you will be invincible.
Uznaze Law
There is no need for positivity at all.
Bell principle
Those who can fully grasp the psychology and attitude of others are heroes.
Lambert's Theorem
Create the necessary sense of crisis for employees.
Durio's Theorem
If the mental state is not good, everything will be in a bad state.
South Wind Law
Managers should respect and care for their subordinates, always follow the subordinates, be more "humane", pay more attention to solving the practical difficulties in the daily life of the subordinates, so that the subordinates can truly feel the warmth given by the manager. In this way, out of gratitude, subordinates will work harder to actively work for the company and safeguard its interests.
Pygmalion effect
Say you can do it, you can do it, or you can’t do it; say you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it.
McClelland theorem
Let employees have the right to participate in decision-making.
Ash's Law
Acknowledging the problem is the first step to solving the problem. The more you avoid the problem, the more the problem will hold you back.
Law of Raberford
People will do things that are rewarded.
Reward failure theory
Reward failure theory not only rewards success, but also rewards failure.
Basketball shelf principle
When the goal is both future-oriented and challenging, it is the most effective.
Bosh Law
The more specific the praise, the more it can achieve the purpose of encouragement.
Related laws
First, the various parts, elements, and links within everything are interrelated. Second, everything is connected with other things around it. Third, the whole world is an interconnected unity.
Law of causality
Each result has a specific reason or multiple reasons. This law states that every event has a reason.
Believe in the law
When you believe 10,000% of something, it will eventually become a fact.
Law of Attraction
When a person's thoughts focus on a certain field, people, things, and things related to this field will be attracted to him.
Law of accumulation
Any great achievement or catastrophe is a cumulative result.
The law of substitution
When we have an unwanted memory or a negative habit, we cannot completely remove it. We can only replace it with a new memory or new habit.
"4+2" rule
Most management practices have nothing to do with performance. As long as companies perform well in the four primary management practices of strategy, culture, execution, and organizational structure, and do well in the four secondary management practices of talent, leadership, innovation, mergers and cooperation Any 2 of them can be successfully held and the foundation will last forever.
The first law of profit
Profitability is the supreme standard of an enterprise
Goldfish Bowl Law
The goldfish bowl is made of glass and has high transparency. No matter which angle you look at, you can clearly observe the activity of the goldfish in the tank.
Paine Theorem
If there is no supervision, the king cannot be trusted.
Heller's Law
Effective supervision, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees
Warwick Advice
The best way to correct mistakes is to avoid them.
Gumpler's Theorem
The reward of making mistakes is to learn well.
Parkinson's Law
In the development process of an enterprise, a phenomenon often occurs due to business expansion or other reasons. This effect makes the organization of the enterprise rapidly expand resources and waste employees' enthusiasm.
Cochner's Law
When there are more actual managers than the optimal number, working hours will not be reduced, but will increase accordingly, and work costs will increase exponentially.
Trish's Law
The difficulty of any job is proportional to the square of the number of steps it performs
Occam's Razor Law
Don’t waste more to do things that can be done with less.
Ford thesis
If you don't innovate, you will die.
Path dependence effect
 Once people make a certain choice, it is like embarking on a path of no return. The force of inertia will make this choice self-reinforcing and prevent you from going out easily.
Moulting effect
Continuous self-transcendence and self-denial are the essence of continuous success.
Morse Law
The only advantage of sustainable competition comes from the ability to innovate over competitors
Gyro principle
In order to quickly control change, excellent companies themselves are like a high-speed spinning top, and their managers are masters of controlling tops.
Camel's Law
There is no perfect thing in the world, so everything has room for reform. Only by not sticking to conventions can creativity be stimulated.
Davidov's Law
A person without innovative spirit can only be an executor forever.
Jiening theorem
The real mistake is the fear of making mistakes.
Kabe's Theorem
Sometimes giving up is more meaningful than fighting
Levitt Law
Creative imitation is not about others, but transcendence and re-creation.
Self-eating cub effect
Come up with better-looking products to beat your own original products.
The opinion of Mitsuo Toshio
The way out for enterprises lies in product upgrades.
Grove Law
Innovation is the only way out. Eliminate yourself, otherwise competition will eliminate us.
Schoen's Theorem
Only when new ideas fall into the hands of people who truly believe in it and are fascinated by it, can it bear fruit.
Davido's Law
If a company wants to always dominate the market, it must be the first to develop a new generation of products and be the first to eliminate its existing products.
Detail Devil Theory
The devil is in the details.
Howley's Law
In every question, there is a small problem trying to show up.
Marrett Law
Errors occur in the details, success depends on the system
Domino effect
"Move the whole body with one move."
The Butterfly Effect
The result of the development of things has an extremely sensitive dependence on the initial conditions, and the smallest deviation of the initial conditions may cause great differences in the results.
Broken Window Theory
Correct and remedy the problems that are occurring in time.
80/20 rule
Investment and effort can be divided into two different types: the majority, they can only cause a small impact; the minority, they cause major and significant impacts.
Watch theorem
Two watches can't tell a person more accurate time, on the contrary, it will make the person who read the watch lose confidence in the accurate time.
Murphy's Law
Things tend to develop in the bad direction you think of, as long as there is a possibility.
Brennemann's Law
The crisis not only brings trouble, but also contains unlimited business opportunities. Some people don't like crisis, but crisis is everywhere.
Microsoft Bankruptcy
Microsoft will always be only 18 months away from bankruptcy.
Jacobs theorem
Quality is the most basic thing for competition
Friedman's Theorem
The waste of the market is an inevitable waste, so it is not a waste.
0 points rule
For product quality, either 100 points or 0 points.
Deming's Law
Core: unchanged goals, continuous improvement and innovation
Peters Law
Efforts to complete the last 1% of the product may result in the loss of the market.
Enterprise slope sphere law
The position of an enterprise in the market is like a sphere on a slope. It is under pressure from market competition and internal employee inertia. If there is no stopping power, it will decline. In order to keep Haier on the slope (market) If the position remains unchanged, it is necessary to strengthen the internal basic management as a motivation.
Water philosophy
Large quantities can produce cheap products
Van Hill Theorem
If an enterprise is to survive, make money and grow, it must be both efficient and effective.
Tinker's Law
If you are in the second position, you always want to work hard to be the first.
Turner thesis
In the competition, if the operators do not have amazing skills, they have to join the losers.
Canter's Law
Respect for employees is an inevitable requirement of humanized management and an emotional investment with the highest rate of return. Respecting employees is the professional quality that leaders should possess, and respecting employees is an important way to gain employee respect.
Porter's Law
The most effective defense is to fundamentally prevent combat from happening.
Runyon's Law
You don’t necessarily win fast in a race, or lose weakly in a fight.
Smith Principle
If you cannot beat them, you join them.
Monkey and Elephant Law
Small wins big, weak wins strong.
Albad's Theorem
: The success of a business depends on the extent to which it understands the requirements of customers. Seeing the needs of others, you are half succeeded; meeting the needs of others, you succeed all.
Ice cream philosophy
Selling ice cream must start in winter, because there are few customers in winter, which will force you to reduce costs and improve service. If you can survive the adversity of winter, you will never be afraid of summer competition.
250 law
Behind every customer, there are roughly 250 relatives and friends. If you win the favor of a customer, it means you have won the favor of 250 people; conversely, if you offend a customer, it means you have offended 250 customers.
Honda Theorem
Doing a basic business without knowledge can only be regarded as a speculative business, and you cannot really experience the wit of business.
Ford Law
The success of the business depends on whether the customer returns to the door.
Heckkin's Law
To be a good salesman, you must first be a good person.
Upset effect
In gambling, bet on a door where few people bet, and the result is a big win. Once the unpopularity breaks out, the unpopularity will quickly become a hot spot.
DuPont Theorem
63% of consumers choose products based on their packaging.
Hamer's Law
There is no bad deal in the world
Stone Theorem
Attitude determines outcome
Ogilvy Principles
Serve customers first, pursue profit second
McGill Theorem
Every customer sees service in his own way.
Veblen effect
The higher the price of the commodity, the more popular it will be.
Bridget's Theorem
The goods are not advertised, just like a girl delivering autumn waves to a young man in a dark place, with affection, only she knows.
Fadley's Theorem
The more direct the communication, the better the advertising effect.
Hawitt Law
If an advertisement triggers a pleasant feeling, it is easier to remember.
Seesaw effect
Anyone who has played a seesaw knows that everyone wants the other party to lift themselves up. An important factor that allows oneself to be lifted by the other party is that the other party's weight is heavier than oneself. In the end, the lighter side can only increase the weight continuously, and the two sides lift each other to give everyone a chance to rise to the top. The enlightenment for entrepreneurs is that behind this effect, there are opportunities for capital and industrial development.
Bulldozing theory
If the dam is to stand up against the impact of waves, it needs continuous reinforcement: bulldozing and ramming; bulldozing and ramming...
Leistoff effect
Special things are easy to remember.
Appetite effect
Use delicious things to arouse other people's appetite, which means that people have desire or interest.
Atavi's Law
Advertising headlines with new information tend to be remembered by 22% more people.
Necklace Law
Persevere unshakable for a hundred years-continuous spread
Klinard Law
How well we get along with people depends largely on how we deal with people.
Carnegie Law
The little word "mine" is the most important term in personnel affairs, and being able to deal with this term appropriately is the starting point of wisdom.
Giegler Principle
If you give your best to others, you will get the best from others.
Schell's Law
Success is often measured by "how many people do you know" rather than "how many people do you know".
Ouchi Law
What we care most about is what people of our same status think of us.
Cropton's Theorem
The credit gap is often made up by gullibility.
Mary's Law
If it hasn't broken, don't fix it, so as to avoid self-defeating.
Backfeeding effect
The backfeeding effect means that people who benefit others can often get the most benefits.
Gray's Theorem
The most important thing in public relations is credibility, plus hard work.
Mandino's Law
Smile can be exchanged for gold
Karlzen's Theorem
All industries are performance industries.
Wende Law
Expressing yourself is the main need of human nature.
Nirenberg principle
In a successful negotiation, both parties are winners (win-win).
Billing's Law
Half of life’s troubles are caused by saying "yes" too quickly and saying "no" too slowly. American humorist Billing proposed
Wilson's Theorem
If the subordinates learn that a leader is present to solve the difficulties, they will be more confident.
Wadsworth Law
The essence of business is teamwork
Gypsy trap
In the course of the negotiation, a higher price than the previous bid was suddenly proposed, and the previous bid was not recognized. In this way, the other party would easily divert attention and become eager for both parties to recognize the previous bid and forget to suppress the price. Much lower.
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