Economic Influence
Urge production industry and opportunity
Place of Happen
the economic background of SARS in 2003
Direct Influence
Wuhan Municipal Government
Secretary: Ma Guoqiang
Mayor: Zhou Xianwang
Wuhan has been called Jiangcheng since ancient times. The city currently governs 13 urban areas and 3 national-level development zones, covering an area of 8,467 square kilometers
The total number of university students and graduate students is 1.0726 million, ranking first in the world
2019 Wuhan GDP 330 billion yuan
Population: 10.33 million
South China Seafood Market
Market closed on January 1, 2020
Nature of the epidemic
Source of infection: wild animals-Chinese chrysanthemum bat
Virus code: 2019-nCoV
Transmission route: respiratory droplets or contact infection
Crowd: Generally susceptible, the elderly are more likely to get sick
Incubation period: 3-7 days, no more than 14 days
Infectious during the incubation period
Take measures
Forced market closure
Strengthen disease prevention guidance for public places in Wuhan
Strengthen the environmental sanitation management of public places in Wuhan
Widely publicize disease prevention knowledge
Cooperate with national and provincial unit pathogen research
Cooperate with the National Health Commission to notify the World Health Organization in time
The progress
January 5, 2020
No evidence of human-to-human transmission found
To detect infection of medical staff
January 7
Discovery of a new coronavirus
Complete pathogenic nucleic acid detection on the 10th
January 10
41 confirmed cases
2 cases discharged
7 severe cases
1 death
Close contacts
739 cases
Among them, 419 cases of medical personnel
Domestic as of January 30
8168 confirmed cases nationwide
143 cases cured
171 deaths
12167 suspected cases
Hubei 4903 cases
Wuhan 2261 cases
496 cases of Huanggang
Xiaogan 399 cases
Key domestic provinces
428 cases in Zhejiang
Guangdong 354 cases
Henan 278 cases
158 cases in Shandong
2003 SARS
Key area
Discovered and popular in Guangdong
Beijing area
Industrial structure
The core of economic driving force = dependence on foreign trade
Guangdong's main export regions
Beijing Political Economy Center
National GDP of RMB 12 trillion in 2003
Since December 2002
No control throughout the Spring Festival
It broke out at the end of April 2003
Basic control in June
End of July
Coping ability
The first major epidemic in China, caught off guard
Nature: high mortality
5327 domestic cases and 349 deaths
1755 cases in Hong Kong, 300 deaths
665 cases in Taiwan, 180 deaths
251 cases in Canada, 41 deaths
Singapore 238 cases, 33 deaths
63 cases in Vietnam, 5 deaths
2020 Coronavirus
Key area
Core area = Wuhan
Key area = Hubei Province
Strictly prevent areas: Zhejiang Province and other provinces across the country
Industrial structure
The core of economic driving force = own strong
Wuhan and Hubei Province's GDP of 4 trillion in 2019
The total domestic GDP in 2019 is 100 trillion
Limited influence
The first case of pneumonia of unknown cause on December 8, 2019
Confirmed as "new coronavirus infection" on the 9th
Xi Jinping's important instructions on the 20th, resolutely contain! The epidemic spreads quickly
City closures, large-scale closures across the country, restrictions on travel
On the 27th, Li Keqiang visited Wuhan in person
Coping ability
There are cases of SARS, with sufficient experience and quickly in place
Direct economic impact
direct impact
United Nations Resolution-Include China in the Epidemic Area
U.S.-led evacuation
Catering, hotels, tourism, offline consumption, offline commerce, jewelry luxury goods, meat products consumption
Impact category
supply chain
import and export
Logistics transportation
Energy prices
Economic appearance
Vancouver short-term rental price reduced to 30%
Crowd control
Tourists plummet
King of Glory, a single day turnover of 2 billion
Chinese attention
Isolate living economic power
Live broadcast of the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital
10 million people online
Number of people spread online
Social governance system upgrade
Smart City
Traffic management
Medical system reconstruction and integration
Further construction of the medical community
Further improvement of medical data
Telemedicine upgrade
Digital and cloud construction of health files
Medical special robot
Smart medical care
Rapid detection reagents, vaccines, drugs
Agricultural Supply Chain
Efficient logistics
Emergency preparedness
Disaster preparedness, prevention and control, disaster prevention, and emergency response capabilities are reshuffled
Graded medical problems
Grading of severity, severity, urgency, and difficulty of treatment
Health enters the family, minor illnesses at the grassroots level, serious illnesses to the hospital, recovery back to the grassroots level
Information traceability
Major disasters prompt lifestyle adjustments
Industry change
Dietary structure
Stop eating and killing wild animals, protection has become the core of the masses
Completely change a thousand people banquet and large and medium gatherings
Accelerate the rapid development of meat substitute industry
Vegetarian business opportunities are coming
Food safety and supply chain reengineering
Physical exercise
Large-scale sports events will strictly control
Home sports equipment will sell well
The opening of Tai Chi life
Social aspect
The 5G industry is developing rapidly
Online transaction negotiation on the agenda
Online group chat has become a daily behavior of the masses
Fully rely on online remote video and audio
Health maintenance
Water health
TCM career will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people
The awakening and rise of the personal protection industry
Personal hygiene industry and method reshuffle
The health care industry begins to reshuffle
Major benefits
The rise of the health industry
The rise of the artificial meat market
The rise of the health water market
Behavior substitution
Urge the entertainment industry to turn online
Video conferencing reduces too many mass gatherings
Online office began to replace office workers
Online business
Very mature takeaway platform
SARS spawned the era of e-commerce
Online replacement
Population status
Affect China's regional economic distribution
Directly affect real estate