36 Dimensions of The Universe

36 Dimensions of the Universe
36 Dimensions
Colorless room, two-color room, human world, cause and effect, yin and yang, human fairy world, proton world, photon world, light speed circle, super light speed circle, molecular world, micro world, law world, stuck information room, super time, macro world, Time tunnel, space tunnel, chaos realm, cool realm, celestial realm, bliss realm, cathode black hole body, ten thousand years realm, millennium realm, dream realm, anode black hole body, livestock realm, animal realm, plant realm, insect realm, bacteria realm , Meteorological world of mountains, rocks, rivers, underworld, frozen layer, fired layer.
1 world [one-dimensional space]: colorless world
Space for the blind
The existence of the blind-can't see objects
"Tai Chi" before the birth of the universe
Antimatter world
We humans are all [blind]
We can't see all circles
2 circles [two-dimensional space]: two-color circles
Black and white space
The existence of color blindness-full color blindness
Total blindness
Criteria for judging things
Good and bad
True and false
Good and evil
Beauty and ugliness
Only direct, no deep research
Straight line thinking
Thinking space with only straight lines and no curves
3 circles: [three-dimensional space]: the world
Physical space
Always changing
Simpler space
Simple and childish space
4 circles: [four-dimensional space]: between cause and effect
The space of causality
Can see the root system and nutrient pipeline of fruit trees
a. See the essence from the image of material change
Causes and consequences of changes
Master the principle of flux change and qualitative change and master the balance
b. Finding the truth in the commonplace, finding the law
Apple landed and discovered universal gravitation
Carob vine discovers the law and direction of the universe
The pool vortex discovers the effects of geomagnetism and ocean currents
Open the kettle lid to discover steam power
From tides and wind, to irrigation and power generation
Seeing bacteria discovering disease to transmission mode
From the shape of the object to the gene to the origin of life
Know the person’s health and personality characteristics from human intuition
Discover the future success or failure of this person from his words and deeds
Seeing the root of the rise and fall from the appearance of society
Great Man Space
the scientist
Newton, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Euclid, Copernicus, Mendel, Heisenberg, Kepler, Dalton, Roentgen, Mendele, Planck, Pasteur, etc.
Political leader
Washington, Mao Zedong, Constantine the Great, Peter the Great, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Augustus Caesar, etc.
Beethoven, Handel, Bach
Aristotle, Plato, Bacon, etc.
5 realms: [five-dimensional space]: between yin and yang
The marginal space at the intersection of matter and antimatter, space and negative space
Three kinds of space that humans can reach
a. Experts in a certain field
Aware of the existence of super matter
Can't find the link between super matter and reality
Wandering around the border between matter and antimatter, constantly colliding
b. Blind practitioners
Seeking immortals if thirsty
Wandering between Yin and Yang after death
c. People who died violently or stubbornly
Not fully prepared for death
Too many people in the world can’t bear to leave
Wandering between Yin and Yang after death
6 circles: [Six-dimensional space]: Human and fairy world
A living space that breaks through the constraints of the material world
The origin of matter is the negative universe
Not at all seduced by worldly substances
Understand the Holy Spirit, Dharma and Taoism
Use negative cosmic energy to serve yourself
All wishes come true, chic and free
People who can reach this space
A person who has achieved positive results in cultivation
Masters, Taoists, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, etc.
7 circles: [Seven-dimensional space]: Proton circles
Can see the space where protons exist
Can perform fluoroscopy within the scope of vision
The meridians of the trees, the reptiles on the trees
Beauty is the skeleton
Can see the scene behind the object
Gems and wealth under the surface
Flowing water and oil under the stratum
The internal organs of the human body
8th world: [Eight-dimensional space]: Photon world
The space where you can see the material outside the wavelength of 400-700 nanometers
Remote perspective
Can see some invisible light
See through materials with high density, high hardness and high energy
Objects are no longer objects, but exist in the form of light of different colors
Can't see weak energy objects including people
The human body shows visible light
Buddha's Relic
Nine Realms: [Nine-dimensional Space]: Light Speed ​​Circle
The range of light in one second
Remote viewing speed circle function
Remote viewing is possible anywhere on the earth
10 circles: [Ten-dimensional space]: Superluminal circle
The range that light can't reach in one second
Hyperspace remote viewing
See any scenery of matter outside the Milky Way and in the spiral river system
Can see the lives of the immortals in the millennium and ten thousand years
11 circles: [Eleven-dimensional space]: Molecular circles
Can see the essence of the molecule
Can see the essence of a molecule
Any molecule can fully reflect its true colors
Understand the appearance and temperament of a complete person through blood molecules
See the flowers and trees that will grow in the future through the molecules of a seed
12 circles: [twelve-dimensional space]: microcosm
A space where you can ride a horse in nano space
Enlarge the molecular and atomic space thousands of times
There are mountains, rivers, sun, plants, animals, etc.
Like a small country
13 Realms: [Ten Three-dimensional Space]: Dharma Realm
Can see the space that causes the energy to change matter
can see
Energy flow
Magnetic line of force
Various rays
Various waves
Can perceive
Where is Feng Shui good or bad
Whose vitality is strong or weak
Everything, everything
14 circles: [fourteen-dimensional space]: staying in the information circles
The space where information stays in the short term
Keep information
Any time period of space information can be browsed
Replay what happened in a certain time and space for many years
15 circles: [Fifteen-dimensional space]: Overtime
Beyond time constraints
Discover the past and the future based on the timeline
Ancient times
Origin of the universe
the origin of life
Human origin
Thousands of years to come
16 circles: [Sixteen-dimensional space]: Macro world
The big universe is the macro world
Macro world particles
Universe = particles
Solar system = molecules, atoms
Planet = electron
Human = quark
17 circles: [Seventeen-dimensional space]: Time tunnel
Universe time network composed of positive and negative time
Time axis
Celestial time axis
Can enter any future time
Can enter any past time
18 circles: [Eighteen-dimensional space]: Space tunnel
36-dimensional interconnected channels
A channel for everything shared by man and god
All matter is antimatter
All speeds are negative cosmic speeds
The hub is between the three borders and the continent
All 18 circles are connected with people
A place where animals live beside the earth and birds
A space where you can live without thinking about it
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